Sunday, July 24, 2011

It's in the details...

My silence on the blog is simply a testimony to the fact that things are heating up in the Epp household. When we're not outside enjoying friends, family, and the heat, we're inside, busily sorting, purging, and packing. Last minute renos are getting done, done, done, and any that are not completely essential have, thankfully and finally, been scrapped from the list. Phonecalls are being made, addresses changed, endless accounts cancelled, and the house is looking more and more... boxed.

In the midst of all this frantic activity, life is blurring by. My quiet introvert side is being temporarily shelved in order to squeeze in as much LIFE with friends and family as possible. I long for time to slow down and process, but then quickly remind myself there'll be plenty of time for all that in those first quiet weeks in Doha, Qatar. More than enough time, really. And so we go, go, go. Until a day like today when my two favourite people crash for the afternoon after many days of fun in the sun, and I enter a much-needed peace and space for quiet thought.

I continue to be up and down regarding our decision to leave. But I think that's a really good sign. When Jeff and I came back from Japan, we, quite frankly, greatly disliked Canada. There was a certain temptation to ... book it. But we made a conscious decision not to. Five years, we said. We need to stay a minimum of five years to make sure we're not just escaping. To make sure we're really making a go of it... of relationships, jobs, our home and native land. May 2011 was our five-year mark. The fact that I'm feeling so crummy about leaving all of you and our sometimes-sketchy George Street neighbourhood shows me that we really did engage and invest, and I'm thankful for that. And I know that spirit of living will travel with us to Doha, and that's a good thing.

On Thursday, smack in the middle of my upping and downing, I received a small but wonderful boost of encouragement. Kaiya had just completed a tough but successful swimming lesson. It had been a really off day, with about half the kids in the pool crying. Kaiya got out of the pool about half a dozen times for "potty breaks" and hugs of encouragement, but she made it. Our girl did it. So we decided to stop at Dairy Queen for a treat on the way home. Jeff and Kaiya both got ice cream while I settled on an Orange Julius smoothie. I can't remember the last time I had one of those... maybe some time before we went to Japan? Say 8 or more years ago? Well, as I start sucking back my smoothie, don't I read the following little blurb on the side of the cup: (click on it to see a larger picture)

Seriously?? Most people I meet on the street have either never heard of Qatar or have no idea where it is... but here it is, being mentioned on the side of an Orange Julius cup?

Yes, dear friends, say what you will, but I took it as a sign. A small one maybe. But definitely a nice little pat of encouragement.

All will be well. We will somehow get this house all packed up and get everything on the list crossed off. And August 17th we'll board that plane and fly over to sunny Qatar. And all will be well.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011