Sunday, August 07, 2011

A Great Day of Pictures

Well, the way life is going these days, we might as well be in Qatar. Our bodies are still technically here, but our minds are wading in long to-do lists as we ourselves wade through swarms of boxes, Rubbermaid bins, and last-minute renos. I hardly have time to eat these days, never mind blog!

But there's a special day that requires some capturing: Jeff's birthday party. It was last minute and rather haphazardly put together. As my heart swelled with the joy of school almost being done (ie. getting to have my husband back), I thought, "We gotta have a party!"

So although it was over a month ago, it's a day I want to capture in blog-land. Especially since it was the last big party our little backyard got to host, with us anyway...

The cake pre-lighting: (I thought the "Happy Birthday" candles were so fun)

My mom and Kaiya sharing some Barbie time together:



Dagmar (I know she'll just love this picture):

Karen and cutie Liam:

Nathan with his sweet Maelle:

Devon and Jeff, volleyball buddies. There are some uncanny similarities between these two. Perhaps it's something about sharing June 19th as a birthday? Oh, and Devon... see? Your smile DOES look a lot more natural (and nice!) when you show those pearly whites.

Thanks to Josh, we got to OWN the laneway for a while, playing petanque. This was Jeff's favourite moment of the night. (And you all have very cute bums):

An intense moment, as Josh throws the ball:

Where did it land?

Okay, so I actually thought Jen might take this cat home:

Blowing out the candles. Thank God that goatee finally disappeared for grad!

Clearly, the "Happy Birthday" candles were overrated:

Kaiya and Hailey enjoyed the cake while sitting in the turtle pool:

These two were such a ham that day!

Dear Robyn (and silly Devon):

Me and Candice:

Rose and Lisa:

I said I wouldn't include it, but heck, I will:

And isn't this one so much nicer?

Thank you, friends and family, for coming out that night and making it a wonderful night to remember. We are our happiest when hosting you all in our little backyard. Hopefully next summer will see many more parties!

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Anonymous said...

OK so the post was great...but I clearly need to run away run run run from the camera! everyone else looked great :)