Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bird's Eye Views

Villas around here have long ladders reaching up to their roofs. That's where the air conditioners, TV satellites, and often water cisterns are held, and since everything around here seems to break fairly regularly, you need this kind of handy access.

Of course, in Jeff's case, this is just an invitation to some roof top photography. He took the following photos right around sunset, but still came inside totally and completely drenched.

I LOVE this picture. You can see the little grassy playground area. Diagonally through that is where the clubhouse and pool are.

The ever-important necessity: air conditioners.

Another view from the rooftop, looking the other way...

Satellite dishes (one day soon ours will hopefully work!) and a water cistern.

This gives you an idea of the crazy building going on in this country. This is our landmark, the building we see clearly from our compound. We've been told it's going to be... a hospital!

And another angle. Our compound is small; just one block.

And a better shot of the pool:

K-bear, conqueror of the world:

I've got some storytelling I want to do, but I'm beat today. It'll have to wait. Up tomorrow: a day of orientation for me at my new workplace: CNA-Q. I'm pumped! Kaiya will be watched by Nelly, our friends' nanny. She's here right now, getting to know our girl. Her comment so far: "I like her laugh. It sounds like an old lady." (I know some of you will appreciate that!)

Have a great day, folks...


Larissa said...

Wow - I'm impressed by how far the hospital building has come in less than 2 months.
Happy orientation!

Suzanne said...

Those are fantastic yet again and yes, Kaiya's laugh is one of a kind.

Rose said...

Very cool. Jeff, do you remember that exhibit we told you about where the photographers made things look like miniature toys? That's totally the effect that a bunch of these have...Love it!