Monday, August 29, 2011

Happy Eid!

My turn.

I wish I could just talk. Writing and me don't get along. But those who know me, know I'd be happy to just tell you about it all...for hours...and hours.

As far as we know, Eid starts tomorrow. Someone has to see the moon tonight to declare Ramadan over. I can't say I understand completely, but it doesn't really matter - by anyone's calculations Kathy and I have nearly a week off now.

So as the holidays begin, I'll show you briefly around my school. Let's start on the drive:

Today our driver decided to take a short cut to pick up a colleague.  Why stay on the road when you have a minivan?  As you can see, between the compounds (villas) and roads is desert.  Not sand dunes, just barren, dusty, rocky desert.  Hence the desire for people to own 4X4s.  The compounds you see are for people who work in Education city - and are the compounds we had secretly hoped to be in.  Maybe next year!

School.  I've only got a few pictures (all I have with me normally is my iphone - so these will have to do).  Once you enter the front gate and pass security, you are on a covered walk:

This looks out from the school to the front gate.

Through the front doors past the security office and back out into the internal courtyard.  The main building is like a big square donut with the courtyard in the middle.  Here it is:

Through the opposite side of the "donut" and out back is the second building - the middle school - where I teach:

That's my building.  I've got a fantastic room with a smart board (on the way...), four iMacs, and a rolling double blackboard (old-school).  I could easily seat 25.  I have 8 students in each class.

And a few shots of some architecture around the buildings:

I had to include this, it's of the front doors on the villas that Dave and Tracie and Honour live in.

That's it for me.



Karen said...

Great shots of that fabulous school, Jeff! I will continue to be jealous of your 8 students in each class, and even more so in a class that easily could have 25 (not that my classroom is small, but you still only have 8 students!!!).

Miki-chan said...

It looks beautiful, Jeff! I love the architecture! Great pictures and I hope I can sit and just talk with you three soon!

Miki-chan said...

I love your pictures, Jeff! The architecture is beautiful! I hope I can just sit and talk with you three in the near future. Enjoy your holiday before school begins!

Erika said...

i love the architecture as well!! its all very white and beautiful but i would be craving color very quickly. thanks for the posting.

Rose said...

Jeff! Too short! We were just getting started! Post more! :)

jeff said...

Colour is nice until the sun comes out. Anything with colour heats up faster than white. And with all the sand and dust, I don't know how long the colour would show!

Suzanne said...

Agreed, too short! The pictures were fabulous though. I love the scrollys.

Tracie said...

Very nice. Those were with your iPhone? wow.

Can you add the picture of the Villa Door to my list of 'wants'?

The pictures of the school are great too!

Sarah said...

Gorgeous! But I can't get over 8 students!!! wow! unbelievable . . .I hope you don't get too bored :)

James said...

Hey, a picture's worth a thousand words to me, Jeff. Especially when I think of how much work you put into them to make them look so damn good. Forget the peanut gallery calling for more words... they're just word lovers who can't get enough of wordiness and adjectives and run-on sentences and words that are too ginormous for the rest of us and witty comments. Stick to your photos and know that all you need for words is a witty caption and you're good to go.

gypsy said...

Oi, James! What are you saying about THIS word lover?!

I guess that's what makes me and Jeff a good combo, huh? He snaps the shots and I write the words. Although, in person, the wordiness somehow goes the other way...

Darren said...

Yes, that is Aspire Tower. Glad you could check out Hyatt Plaza and Giant! I hope you also made it to "Homes R Us", which I like better than "Home Center". Somehow I always see Hyatt as the overlooked little-brother of Villagio!