Monday, August 22, 2011

Here you go.... some pics of us and our new home

So, this isn't yet complete, but it'll have to do for now. First of all, a few factoids for you. Our villa has 3 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. One bathroom comes off of a small, maybe 8 x 8 room which we were told was the "maid's quarters." We just use the room for storage, and don't even enter the bathroom.

The villa is a "semi," but with concrete walls, you really don't hear a thing. In fact, we even have trouble hearing each other when we're in separate rooms! When you walk in the front door, the stairs are on your left, and the living/dining room is on your right. In the back is a 2-piece bathroom, with a kitchen to the left and the "maid's room" and bathroom to the right. Upstairs there are 3 bedrooms. Ours is huge with a king-size bed and ensuite. Kaiya's and our rooms are at the front of the villa. In the back are yet another bathroom and a larger bedroom with two twin beds. All in all, it's a whole lot more space than we're used to!

So here are the pics we have so far. Sadly, the master bedroom is missing. (We could only do so much cleaning in one night!) You'll get to see that another day.

Here are some shots of our living/dining room. It is SO wonderful to have all this open space (if you've been in our George Street living room, you'll appreciate this).

Taken from the other end. We were so happy to see colour on the walls, and even some pictures. Stepping in the front door was a huge relief to me!

From this angle, you can see to the front door and stairs.

The main floor bathroom. We are still getting used to having one, but it sure is nice not to have to run up the stairs all the time.

The "maid's room." AKA storage space. I won't bother showing you the bathroom. It's blue, and it has the tiniest shower I've ever seen in the corner.

Time for a Kaiya and mommy break:

Aw, heck, let's do one more:

The kitchen. I spent a while cleaning this puppy for you guys tonight! Let's pretend there's a black stove top and a white wash machine there as well, shall we? Hopefully they will be returned soon...

Another angle, so you can see our back door. It's actually a regular-sized door. Jeff merged two photos, and that's why the door looks so huge! We plan on buying a couple stools for the island-thingy.

Kaiya welcomes you upstairs...

View from the top of the stairs. Yes, there's a strangely placed window there, so people can check us out as we walk around, I guess...

Upstairs hallway. It feels so long!

Kaiya and Jeff hamming it up in her room.

And Kaiya's actual room. We all have these wonderful closets.

Another not particularly pretty bathroom. We never ever use this one.

Our third bedroom. It has a message for you.
"Hi family and friends of the Epps. I'm feeling kind of lonely right now 'coz no one ever uses me. Please come and sleep in my beds. I promise they'll buy nicer (and comfier) sheets for you. I'll be waiting..."

And finally, Kaiya says,
"Hey, don't forget me and my crazy laugh or I'll have to beat you up!"

(I know I'm corny. Blame it on the jet lag... at least for a couple more days...)

Oh, and one last one. The pool! Well, the shallow end of the pool. Yes, we do go every day, and yes, it mostly feels like you're wading in a bath tub. Very odd sensation.

We'll post more pics of the outdoors as well as our massive master bedroom sometime soon. For now, good night!


Anonymous said...

Well I checked out your pics, and the place looks nice and roomy, hope to see it for myself eventually.
Dagmar :)

Rose said...

Those are awesome. The place is GIGANTIC!! I know this is a little premature, but will you ever want to move back into a normal sized house?? I can totally understand the strange sensation of moving into a bigger house - when our family moved out of the basement into the house we seemed to be miles apart!

Caroline's Norwex Talk said...

All the best Jeff and Cathy! Your adventures are always so exciting. Your home looks awesome :)

Marie said...

Looks amazing! So happy to see you guys are settling in. I'm loving the frequent blog posts - keep 'em coming!

Suzanne said...

I agree with Rose. Your house is gigantic! It looks great though and I can already see the Epp-touch happening. Love you!