Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Jeff's school, part 2

About a year and a half ago, when Jeff was still working at Cathy Wever elementary, he was making one of his regular stops at a convenience store around the corner. He struck up a conversation with the Middle Eastern man running the store, and mentioned our hopes to go to Qatar one day. The man lit up, clearly impressed with the country, and said, "You must work for the Qatar Foundation. They are doing great things for the country, and they are an excellent organization." That night, Jeff looked around at QF's website and was impressed, but then mostly forgot about it. In January 2011 he was hired by Qatar Academy, part of the Qatar Foundation, but it was yesterday that he remembered the corner store conversation and made the connection. Cool, huh?

So if you just couldn't get enough of Jeff's school, here's a special treat for you: video footage from part of his drive. Try not to get too overwhelmed. It's pretty exciting!

But seriously...

The one downfall in our set-up here is Jeff's commute. Back in Canada, he got incredibly tired of the drive to Hamilton every day... a 45-minute slog through crazy traffic, and of course, unpredictable Canadian weather. One of his big wishes for living overseas was to be able to say good-bye to the commute.

Well, that didn't happen, now did it?

His drive is 35-40 minutes long, minus the Canadian rain and snow, of course. Now he just gets to stare at endless sand. Sand and more sand, with the occasional building thrown in. The fact is, the chance to work for Qatar Foundation was just too good to pass up. And the class sizes and math specialization didn't hurt either. And neither did the benefits.  He's been amazed so far at his school and the treatment he's been given.

And just think of all the podcasts he'll be able to listen to while trying to keep himself awake each day, leaving the house at 6 in the morning! Jeff, the endless repository of information, expanded version. :)


Anonymous said...

I love Qatar traffic,and I don't like Bangkok traffic.Mom

gypsy said...

Oh, no, don't be misled. Qatar traffic is pretty crazy, with roundabouts everywhere and super speedy, aggressive drivers. We've heard a lot of negatives about the traffic here (although, to be honest, we haven't found it to be that bad... yet)

Tarasview said...

wow! What an adventure you are on!

Thanks for sharing :)

James said...

Yay for NPR and CBC and BBC! Oh, and not to mention TED Talks! Podcasts: Making Commuting Bearable Since 2002. Or whenever podcasts came out.