Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Was it only a week ago??

I feel like it has been months. So many new sensations, so little sleep. We managed the flight, have gotten Jeff through almost a week's worth of orientation, have had many trips to the bathwater pool, and have made even more negotiations regarding broken appliances.

I have been promised a little bit of something something tomorrow that will hopefully help me sink into a deeper sleep tomorrow night. I sure could use it. Somehow TGIT has less of a ring, especially considering they have TGIFridays restaurants here.

But yes, as for tomorrow... TGIT!

And as for right now...

Karen and Josh's van filled to the hilt. I can't believe we managed to fit everything in there! (and get the computer here in one piece)

Me locking the door on George Street one last time... (won't be seeing those shoulders in public for some time...

Sigh. Miss you all... in this week-that-has-felt-like-much-longer!

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