Thursday, September 29, 2011

A sandier look... because our other background was just too *green*...

Hi all,

I was going to write and be witty tonight and tell you stories.....

But then it was Thursday (our Friday, remember) and Jeff went out with some guys, and I put Kaiya to bed and lay down with her to help her fall asleep and then somehow it was suddenly 10pm and I didn't know where I was, what day it was, or even WHO I was, and all wit had left the building.

So here I am, dazed and confused now at 10:30pm, but I'm dang determined to post something, because when I mentioned the blog the other day, Jeff teased me and said, "Oh, do you blog? I seem to remember you blogging..." And I know that in order to KEEP your readers you do actually have to ENTERTAIN them from time to time. So here I am.

My original blog idea will have to wait for at least a bit of clarity to return. For now I will present to you some completely random shots of our little lives here. Cause let's face it, you need some time with the Epps, you do. :)

A few Fridays ago, we went to Darren and Larissa's place along with Dave and Tracie and Honour. Here we are strolling around their compound in the evening. I know we've been in Qatar for a while because I kept commenting on how "green" their compound is. Ya, they've got a few trees...

I need to get together with this gal more often. Soon we will have vehicles, Tracie, soon!

Enjoying a light lunch at one of the many many mall coffee shops. I believe this one is in Hyatt Plaza. I love Kaiya's sneaky look.

I don't know why I'm including this picture except that I'm really hungry right now, and this Jeff-made dinner was to die for.

This was how Kaiya felt about it. I know Candice will like this picture. :)

At Ray's Reef, an indoor play area. You have no idea how much fun this was. Kaiya and I laughed and squealed the entire time.

 We crashed them boys, oh yes we did!

I love this shirt. This pic's for you, Robyn. I can hear you laughing all the way in Doha.

And these two pics are for Rose. Kaiya loves doing yoga with me. Pretty good downward dogs, huh?

But Kaiya liked it even better "under" me. I'd show you our cat and cow, but you just don't need to see that much Kathy-bum. Jeff's photo angle was a bit... off.

Kaiya running loose at Lulu Hypermart (our usual grocery store) with our neighbour's daughter. What can I say? Thank goodness they really love kids in this country!


The trees/bushes in our compound have these beautiful little flowers on them. One day I'll find out what they're called.

So you may wonder why I have included this. I wish I had a picture looking out of our kitchen on 20 George Street to compare. This is my view, out of our kitchen window. When I wash dishes, prepare dinner, this is what I see. That wall is the wall of our compound, and there is a small yard, enough for a future patio set, inside of it. That green hedge is on both sides of the yard, and I love to feast my eyes on the green. But most of all, I love to gaze at the sunset and the palm trees. I remember, when I look at this view, that we really are in a different land, and our adventure is just beginning.

We've got a pretty good weekend lined up. We're trying out a new playgroup tomorrow morning, and heading to Darren and Larissa's for dinner. Saturday morning is our Gondolania playgroup; it'll be our third time going to that one, and in the afternoon I'll be heading over to the TESOL conference at the tree-like convention center. Every day's been getting better, as we meet more people and get more settled. And that residence permit is just around the corner, which will equal a vehicle to drive and a heck of a lot more freedom. Can we say Road Trip!!? 


Suzanne said...

These pictures were fantastic. I absolutely LOVE the picture of Kaiya and you doing downward dog together. It was a tear jerker. It looks like the two of you are having a lot of wonderful bonding moments. How wonderful. I miss you all soo much.

P.S. I like the sandy background. Very fitting.

Rose said...

Yay for yoga! I also LOVE Kaiya's faces. Yes, we all need more Epp time!!! Is it Christmas yet?

Anonymous said...

I think the bushes are oleander.

Karen said...

Thanks for sharing any aspect of your lives with us. Your posts don't have to be witty or eloquent; it's just nice to hear how things are. Love seeing pictures too!

I particularly liked Jeff's dinner - very nicely presented. It looks yummy! I may have to use it in my course when we discuss meal appeal and presentation of food!

I also like the new background!

Robyn said...

(i've written this message a few times, and for whatever reason It's saying that it didn't work. This also means that it's getting shorter and shorter)

1) Kaiya's face! After our conversation the other day, I laughed while I cried. It's great to see her being her.

2) That food photo looks Fab!

3) That shirt is so Great!!! I'm a little sad actually that you didn't buy it! Ahhh...

4) Yoga - not only is that a sweet little photo. I'm impressed anyone can do that without falling over and you were engaging while she was running around under you. Well Done!

I really enjoy all your posts pretty equally. However the ones where you share about going shopping and they include photo's.. it's super neat! I remember taking a lot of photo's b/c things were so different and amusing. So thanks. It's like we are shopping with you.

Robyn said...

OH and I must say a shout out to Tracie in this post!

Oh the fun you two are going to have!