Saturday, September 24, 2011

I never cease to be amazed... all manner of items that break in this country, and the ways in which they break.

Scene #1:
It's the first week of classes for me at the college. Me and my family are all very sick with fevers and colds. Thankfully, no students actually show up to any of my classes. After one such student-less class, I go to the washroom. I sit, do my business, and then reach for the toilet paper. Imagine a t.p. dispenser that looks a little something like this:

As I'm pulling out the toilet paper, the entire dispenser crashes to the floor, missing my baby toe by millimeters. Somehow, I find the humour in this, and have a good laugh, by myself, while sitting on the can.

I check the next day, and the dispenser is no longer on the floor, but it is also nowhere to be found... just some loose screws sticking out of the stall wall.

Scene #2:
Last week, in the computer lab. I have somewhat successfully managed my unruly 19-year old boys through yet another two-hour block in the lab. But at the end of class, my monitor starts playing tricks on me, fading to black. The boys leave, and I try to somehow log out of the computer. I realize that if I turn the monitor off and back on, I get about 2 seconds of screen time before it fades back to black. I do this a number of times, trying to click and type and click as fast as I can in order to log off.

The back of the monitor starts to smoke.

I work these puppies pretty hard, yes I do.

I smirk at first, but then mildly begin to panic as the smoke thickens and continues to pour out the back of the monitor. I realize my emergency skill set is sorely lacking, and not knowing what else to do, I turn off the monitor (again) as well as the computer (for good measure). As my eyes locate the fire extinguisher (which I wouldn't know what to do with), the monitor suddenly stops smoking.

I immediately call IT, relaying the entire story... monitor fading to black, turning monitor off and back on, trying to log off... I dramatically pause, thinking a crew of IT people will storm the room as soon as I deliver the next vital part of the story...

"and then the back of the monitor started to SMOKE!"

The IT person does not gasp, does not laugh, does not panic. She merely says, in a completely neutral tone of voice,

"Oh ya, that happens sometimes. We'll send someone down to check it out."

That happens sometimes? We'll send someone down to check it out? Carry on, folks, life as per usual.

Nothing here surprises me anymore, folks. At least nothing that involves breakage. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go make my daily phonecall to the landlord. Our water pump is acting up, our stovetop is still MIA, and the four broken pieces of gym equipment in the clubhouse (there ARE only four) are still very much broken.

Kathy, reporting live from Doha.
Peace out.


Suzanne said...

That is hilarious. How does one of the riches countries in the world, have so many issues with their stuff? Baffling! Glad to hear you're still smiling about it all. Love you!

Tarasview said...

hahahahaha gotta love when a smoking monitor doesn't even fade them!

I hope you are all feeling better!

Robyn said...

This just made me laugh out loud! Like seriously!? I can't believe what you've experienced. lol