Wednesday, September 07, 2011

no pictures today...

We miss you. I think that's a good place to start. It's been a very difficult couple of days. Work started for Kathy, I had to go in at regular time (6 am), we've all been pretty sick, Kaiya is sleeping in our bed again and is afraid of her room, and the wash machine broke again.

Of course there are exciting things going on. Everything will begin to go well once we settle in. And we will eventually get a car and have some freedom.

But for now, if you can picture this:

All your friends are only available by long distance phone call. You no longer have a car (or bicycle for that matter).

Your furniture has been replaced so you aren't used to it (and you're missing key stuff like lamps and a desk).

The light switches turn on upside down (when everything else bugs you this could be the last straw).

Most of your appliances are new but are inexplicably broken. It takes multiple phone calls to get them fixed (and even more days to wait) with no real explanation or timeline other than "maybe tomorrow".

It's hot. At least now we can venture outside - it's like a really hot summer day in Canada. But there no where to walk to since we live in compounds.

The electrical outlets seem to me to be crazy dangerous. They have three holes - one is a ground. But most small appliances have two plugs. For your safety, you can't insert anything into the outlet without a ground plug. The solution? Stick your keys (or other sufficiently straight and metal object) into the ground hole in the 220V outlet to release the safety switch so you can plug in the lamp, DVD player or otherwise. I'm constantly reminding Kaiya that only daddy's are allowed to do such stupid things.

Nothing is simple - for anyone who has been in another culture before you'll know that feeling - "I used to do this at home and it would only take a five minute stop at home depot", or "I could pick that up at walmart for five bucks", or "I knew exactly who to talk to at the bank to get that done". No walmart or home depot here.

They won't let you pay for your fruit and veggies until you've got them bagged and weighed.

And we're sick - (getting over it now).

Two and a half weeks in is about when we should first be experiencing culture shock. We are. So. We miss you. No pictures today.



gypsy said...

awww, hon! I was going to blog today, but you beat me to it. You're getting a big hug today. We'll get through our rough start, we will!

Rose said...

We miss you too.

Mom said...

WE miss you , & wish we can help you , but we cant .But at least we have a skype so we can see you all. Mom

Anonymous said...

Oh Epps, we Carson's miss you too! Chins up, and don't forget to add some sugar to the proverbial lemonade.

Love Beth

Robyn said...

Sending a huge hug to you three.
You are Missed. A lot.

If any couple could kiss cultures ass, its you two!


Fatima said...

We miss you guys too! Sorry to hear that you are all not feeling so well. Here is the same two weeks of a horrible cold that seems like it will linger forever. Keep your chin up I am sure things will get better and you will end up loving it there. It's alot to take in all at once and to get used to. I can only imagine what you are going through. Just wanted you to know that we are thinking about you three.

Anonymous said...

Good morning guys, we miss you too and you are on our minds daily.
I am reminded of you every time I cook, because of all the "expensive" spices I have form you. Hope you got my really corny e-card. :)

Tarasview said...

:( that is a lot to adjust too! Hoping you reach your new normal sooner rather than later.

James said...

Wow, that is serious culture shock if it is actually prompting you to say something good about Home Depot.