Saturday, October 15, 2011

Picture Time!

No time for storytelling today. Just time for pictures. I know you all love them, because I'm always getting requests for them. So here's your feast for today:

Kaiya is amazing us every day with her word knowledge. She regularly spells out words now, and is trying to sound them out. Lower case, even! When I was out the other night, her and Jeff made these great letters. Jeff rolled out the "Play Clay" (as Robert Munsch calls it) and Kaiya surprised him by forming the letters... mostly by herself. She informed him that the one on the right is Arabic, and it actually does closely resemble a letter they studied in her Arabic class that week. We're proud parents, yes we are!

Our bathtub is FIXED. This is our old one, by the garbage behind our compound. Looks lonely, doesn't it?

The crazy clouds the other day. It never did rain. The wind picked up though, and we had some sand whip around a bit. I wouldn't go as far as calling it a sandstorm, but we Epps were pretty excited by something other than sun, sun, sun.

We made it to the "Green Market" yesterday, and these are some of the plants we brought home. We are crazy excited by the GREEN. I even bought some bamboo shoots in a pretty blue pot for my office. They made me think of you, Beth, and your kind housewarming gift to us some five and a half years ago. My office will feel a little more homey with a green reminder of a good friend at home.

This is our new "car," the car we have been waiting for. The best result of Jeff getting his RP was that we could finally purchase (and drive) a vehicle. And a vehicle means freedom, something we have seriously been craving. This Nissan is in all likelihood the nicest vehicle we Epps will drive in our entire lifetime. And we are going to enjoy it, for it is a thing of beauty. And it gets along quite nicely with all the other 4-wheel drive vehicles on the road. Those pesky Landcruisers don't feel so intimidating anymore. We drove 100 clicks yesterday, just booting around the city. As Darren said, "You must have circled the entire city three times!" Ya, in between getting lost on our way to each destination, that's about right. Four-wheel drive means we'll be able to take trips to the desert... and there's enough room for FOUR of you to visit us at once. (hint, hint)

Our license plate. You can teach yourself some Arabic by studying the numbers. These are the little things that excite us in the day to day...

Oh, and we filled up for a cool 54QR. That's 15 Canadian dollars. Knowing how much ire talk of gas prices generates, I will make sure that this is the only time I mention these facts on this here blog. I want to keep my friends, after all. ;)

Kaiya of course wants to drive. Sixteen is suddenly feeling far too soon! But I love this picture of her, so I had to share.

Hope you're having a great weekend. We'll be enjoying a belated Thanksgiving dinner tonight with friends from Jeff's work. Any excuse for pie and good company.

Take care...


Karen said...

Thanks for the pictures. Nice new vehicle, exceptionally nice gas prices, nice new plants, and great letters from Kaiya! I have to just add that it seems that Kaiya has grown up immensely! I don't just mean because she's behind the wheel of a car, but she looks so "old" in that first picture with her letters!

mariaborito said...

Love your bow hairband Kaiya! You are growing up so quickly! You are one smart cookie!

Robyn said...

Thank you for photo's! The certainly do speak a thousand words.

I'm surprised by the garbage bin just sitting in the middle of an alley? or land area? From what I've seen in photo's so far, the country looks neat and tidy. But with you telling stories of how things don't get done, I'm not sure why I am surprised.

I'm excited about Kaiya and her new word stage. That will bring so much growth and she will feel so much more independent and proud. Way to go Kaiya! I'm so proud of you! And miss you a lot!

Yay for your new car!! It's fantastic! And it made me gasp out loud when you shared how much you had to pay for gas. It makes me angry. But i will still be your friend, and I'm glad you shared the difference. Enjoy your freedom! I'm so happy you have it, and can now explore!

I'm so glad you have some Green! I know how much this means to you, and so it makes me happy.

I love seeing photo's of kaiya. She looks so much older already. Seriously!!

Miss you a lot today. Love you three and can't wait till Christmas!

Erika said...

yes, i was thinking the same thing maria. kaiya is growing up so quickly!! it was very nice to see the green on your front porch. refreshing indeed!

Suzanne said...

Love, love, love!

Beth said...

Loving catching up on your posts and pics tonight! Finally subscribed to the live bookmark yay! Love and hugs to the three of you!

Fatima said...

Wow, this is all so exciting!!!! I love all your pictures!!! The plants you bought are beautiful and yes the new vehicle is amazing. I am so happy for you three, it looks like it is all coming together. But, Kathy you are right 16 does come too quick so lets not let Kaiya grow up faster than she already is lol.