Friday, October 07, 2011


So you may have felt more hope and happiness in the last post. And it's true. We have definitely turned a corner. Jeff getting his RP this week was a big one. But Kaiya. Kaiya has been the main one. Things changed this week. One day, when she was pulling some of her tricks, I simply sat her down and told her "no more." I explained that we've been here over a month now, and that everything is okay. And that I won't accept this behavior anymore. And something clicked. She got it. I can't explain it any other way except to say that we were both ready for it. That was Tuesday. And each day since then we have seen a happier girl, one that seems more settled and comfortable and relaxed. And we have relaxed right along with her.

Let's set the scene: Simple, really. The temperatures have cooled. Evenings are beautiful. Last night was night #3 of no air conditioner blasting in our room. We slept like babies in our peaceful, quiet room. For the first time since we've arrived, I slept in. Till almost 8 (yes, that's big-time sleeping in here!) I awoke relaxed, and just lounged in bed for a while. Jeff opened the window, and we listened to the birds and the breeze. And I thought, "Yes, this is what I've been waiting for." I finally felt relaxed and rested. 

Missing from our bed was Kaiya. Because she had slept the whole night in her bed. Instead of crying for us in the middle of the night, she did something quite funny. Around 2am she said, loudly, "Dad." (no crying... that's a big deal!) Jeff went into her room. "What's wrong?" he said. Sleepy Kaiya looked at him and said, "I don't know." Jeff said, "You just wanted to check that I was here?" "Ya," she said. "You gonna go back to sleep now?" Jeff added. "Ya," she repeated, while rolling over and falling back to sleep. Again, a BIG DEAL. No crying, and no crawling into our bed. This morning she also slept in for the first time, till 8am.

This morning my English Breakfast tea tasted better. My morning routine felt just like that... routine. I was overjoyed. We have been waiting for this, not knowing when it would come. I had been anxious about Jeff being gone all day at a conference, but honestly, Kaiya and I ended up having one of our best days together ever. Laughter, spontaneous hugs and dancing, singing and acting out the Barney song, cooking and baking together. It was so good.

We are thankful, so thankful this Thanksgiving, for these little things.

We were invited to a birthday party for Kylee, who is in Kaiya's class at Tiny Town, and whose parents work at the college. This was our best time out yet. Really friendly folk, a good vibe amongst the kids, and hey, who can go wrong with face paint?! The guys did a really great job. 

Kaiya and Kylee, flower princess and puppy :)
The kids all loved their McDs Happy Meals

The girls were so sweet together, they even opened the presents all together. "Let's open this one next!" And they'd all tear in.
Back at home. She got the mask in her goody bag, and they made the party hats at daycare this week.

It's Thanksgiving back in Canada this weekend, so I went all out for our dinner: roast chicken, roasted potatoes and carrots, asparagus with walnuts, and even Jenn Rekker's wonderful banana-date muffins! And I bought some jarred cranberry sauce from Lulu Express this week to make it feel a bit more festive. It was good.

Dinner. Yum.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

And just so you can see where Jeff was hanging today... This is Qatar Academy, Doha campus, where the conference was held. Neither of us have seen this much green in Doha. Jeff said he actually stopped the guys he was walking with and told them to smell the flowers. He was overwhelmed by green.


Beautiful, huh?

Apart from the architecture, this really makes me think of Canada. My eyes are bugging out from all the green!


Anonymous said...

Even nicer that N.O.T.L. , and we like Kaiya's face . Mom

Anonymous said...

Love it! Kaiya is so precious.
Love seeing the glass of red with the dinner too!
RP came just in time. : )
Miss you guys.

Erika said...

is that a glass of wine i see? the face painting is amazing!!! so happy to hear about your happy thanksgiving and yes, i can understand being thankful for the little things. i'd be thankful just to walk right now:-)

Robyn said...

Kathy!!! This is WONDERFUL! Yay Kaiya!!! Yay Parents!!!
I know I'm using a lot of !'s, but I don't care to all of you who don't like it. This is wonderful!

And talk about a good job on the face painting for a kids party! That's insanely good.

And the green.... even for me, that would be a sight for sore eyes.

And your dinner! Way to go! Happy Thanksgiving back at chya!

This post made me smile!

Love you!

Suzanne said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you to Kathy. Again, this post made me choke up and wish so desperately that we were together. I miss you and Kaiya and Jeff. This is soo good to hear that Kaiya has turned the corner. So thankful. I love you so much.

P.S. I have never seen face painting like that in my life! That's crazy!

James said...

What a satisfying feeling that must be. I'm really feeling so great that you've finally arrived.