Wednesday, November 30, 2011


It is my turn.  I was the one who went to Europe for a long weekend.  I was the one who's company paid for it all.  I was the one who had the freedom five days without a three-year-old provides.  I was the one who got to meet up with Andrew and Emma so far from home.  I was the one who spent time in the birthplace of the renaissance.  I was the one who got to see Ponte Vecchio and the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore. And in the end - I got to take the pictures.
I usually get to take the pictures.
So when I came home from Italy, I got to work choosing and editing photos.  Once I was done editing the photos, I exported them to the appropriate folder and waited.
I usually get to take the pictures.  But Kathy usually does the writing.  My waiting was in vain.  I just have to write this one myself - I was the only one who went.
And I was the one who took the pictures...

So if you haven't heard, I went to Florence, Italy last weekend for a conference put on by the International Baccalaureate Organization.  My school in Qatar sent me.  And Andrew and Emma (who were and are backpacking around Europe) managed to make their way over to Florence to take advantage of my company's generous per diems.

The short version is: Europe is great to take pictures of.

The longer version includes stories of having very little daylight hours to explore the city because of my workshop schedule, meeting Andrew and Emma at my hotel at 10:30pm the first evening after not even knowing if they were going to make it out of Greece, getting minuscule amounts of sleep because "you're only in Florence once", going out for pizza, pasta, and wine every night I was there, and desperately trying to get good pictures without having any daylight.

The short version concludes the same way the long version does:  I loved it.  I texted Kathy after the second day simply, "I could live here!"

So enough said.  Here are some pictures from my three days in Florence, Italy:

florence, italy, originally uploaded by Jeff Epp.

restaurant in florence, italy, originally uploaded by Jeff Epp.

pillar, florence, italy, originally uploaded by Jeff Epp.

ponte vecchio, florence, italy, originally uploaded by Jeff Epp.


emma pearl said...

AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING! Lovely to hear your story (lovely to see that we made it in the story ;) Incredible photos as always, Jeff! We loved getting to see you, it was sooo fun! I especially love the way the first photograph turned out. So beautiful!

Emma and Andrew

Suzanne said...

MORE! I want to see more. Those are incredible and I'm sure you had a blast. I must admit, I'm slightly/COMPLETELY jealous, but am so happy you were able to go and meet up with Andrew and Emma. So great!

Anonymous said...

Yes , Europe is beautiful . Mom

Erika said...

love love firenza; so jealous. i would love to go back sometime again. i'm so happy you got to go and the pictures are amazing!!

James said...

that first one is breathtaking. especially since I'm an engineer who's read Brunelleschi's Dome. amazing.

Rose said...

Gorgeous! Thanks Jeff.

Tarasview said...

I would so love to visit Italy someday!!

4 kids, 20 suitcases and a beagle said...

Stunning pictures!