Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Green Sweater

I'm wearing an Unremarkable green sweater today. Very conservative and boring. The kind with one of those fake white shirt collars that you annoyingly have to iron every time you wash it. I bought this Unremarkable sweater at Cosco, I kid you not, close to two years ago. It's the kind of sweater my sister would make fun of, telling me I need to find some more fashionable places to shop. And well, she's right.

But the sweater is starting to make me wonder. I have worn it to work twice so far. The first time, one of my male colleagues noticed it, saying he wishes he could wear sweaters to work (it's shirt and tie for the men here), and one of my female colleagues, whose tastes are far more high-fashion than mine, commented on how well the colour suits me. Hm.

Today is the second time I've worn the sweater. In my first class, one of my 19-year old students complimented me. I mean, I almost fell over. "What did you say, Hamad? You like my sweater? You think I look nice today? You're actually noticing me beyond asking me when class is finally going to be finished???" (He must be looking for a higher mark).

And then, I slipped out to Landmark to buy a few supplies for class tomorrow. On my way out of the mall, I treated myself to a "take-away" coffee. As I sat and waited for my coffee to be prepared, I felt the glances (stares) of three significantly older Qatari men who were sitting next to me. I hesitantly looked their way, and the oldest one WINKED at me. I did a bit of a double take, but there was no mistaking it. He had winked. At me. Let me tell you, there has never been a longer wait for a cup of coffee. I just sat there, no books to bury my nose into, and a dead mobile, so I couldn't even feign texting someone (although I should have). I resorted to sheepishly playing with my coffee receipt, folding it over and over again, ever so slowly and precisely.

Finally the barista yelled, "Number 51!" As I grabbed my coffee and booked it out of there, I nodded politely at the three men. Each of them smiled and said, "Ciao." I've hardly received so much as a nod from a Qatari man until today, and now this?

The green sweater has had its day.

I can't help but wonder...what will happen the next time I wear it???


Geoff & Jen said...

I love Costco clothes! I can probably picture the exact sweater you are talking about. I can't imagine what's wrong with it...unless it's been worn so much that it's practically transparent. Then, you might have a problem.

Suzanne said...

That's hilarious. I can picture the sweater as well. What a fun story.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see that sweater . Mom

Anonymous said...

Very funny. It made both of us laugh.

Beth and Jason said...

And they say "it's not easy being green..."

Darren said...

I actually remember seeing you wearing that sweater yesterday, and I can confirm that you looked quite nice. Perhaps it draws so much attention because sweaters are so rare here in Qatar?