Sunday, November 06, 2011

There are just too many great pictures! ... the Singing Dunes

Our Eid break is shaping up to be something pretty amazing. I still have pictures to upload from yesterday evening's trip to the Souq, and this morning's outing to Al Bidda Park. But for now I'm pretty stinking overwhelmed by the beauty of these shots from this afternoon's trip to the Singing Sand Dunes. Thank you, Mr. Jeff Epp. You did a fiiiiiiine job.

The Singing Dunes are located about 40 kilometers southwest of Doha. Darren and Larissa kindly offered to lead the way there this afternoon. Word got out, and before you knew it, there were six vehicles in our caravan. We left at 2:30 in order to escape most of the day's heat and sun, and packed a picnic dinner to enjoy at the bottom of the dunes. Here's all the cars, and most of the people:

As soon as we hopped out of the car, Kaiya was crazy excited. I mean, it was the biggest sandbox she had seen in her LIFE! We hurriedly joined our friends on the steep climb up the dunes.

The idea's pretty simple, really. Climb up the dune and then scootch down on your butt. But the cool thing is, when you do it, the dunes "sing." Get it? "Singing Dunes?" Ya.

But I'm serious. When you scootch down, there's this weird low vibration that you can both hear and feel. It's wild! And a little disconcerting, really. To think that your butt can cause so much action. Jeff thought at first it was a distant airplane. But no, it was the dunes. And the butts. Here's a picture depicting the scootch (and all of us going "wow... do you hear that??)

Kaiya wasn't sure at first, I think mostly because Caleb (Darren and Larissa's one and a half year old son) cried while him and daddy were going down. But soon she was sold. We went down together at least three times, with me half dragging her back up each time.

And yes, we all showered when we got home. There was sand everywhere.

I simply couldn't choose from amongst all the photos. I admit, I'm a very bad editor of my husband's work. So enjoy! I don't have a lot to say, except that it was pretty much a perfect afternoon: friends, food, perfect weather, a great location, and an escape from the crowds and noise of Doha. We'll be back.

You can see how the wind was blowing the sand.

Feeling on top of the world.

It was a long way up.

You could also kick or run your way down. That's what Jeff chose to do.


Little girl who just can't get enough.

Tracie and I gabbing through the sunset.

You can be sure this will be on the list of things to do if any of you come to visit.

Tomorrow, it's a trip to the Inland Sea with a family Jeff works with. Take care, and good night!


Kaley said...

Incredible. Absolutely incredible. I live in such a bubble sometimes and forget how much of the world I do not know. Thank you so much to both you and Jeff for sharing these shots.

Rose said...

Oh my gosh. AMAZING!! I LOVE the one of Kaiya by herself. BIG SIGH. So cool.

Beth said...


Suzanne said...

Yup. Wow, wow, wow! Absolutely amazing! I would love to see the desert one day!

Medea said...

That is amazing!! I want to go too!