Monday, December 12, 2011

Is it really December??

Lest you think I've forgotten the blogging world, well, I haven't. I'm just getting silly excited over our trip to Canada, and most days my brain is in this awkward space somewhere between here and Niagara... possibly hovering above the Atlantic Ocean. You could say I'm feeling scattered... at best. And to think at work they're expecting some productivity out of me! Pshaw!

So in the spirit of being neither here nor there, I present to you a lot of pictures, and not so many words. Honestly, how many of you read my wonderfully thought-out stories, anyhow? I know how the Internet goes. Gloss over the pictures, and skim over the words. The carefully selected words. Sigh.... No matter.

Exhibit A: The Camel Races

We've only been once, but we're sure to go many more times. This little half-day trip rocked.

A trainer and his camel.

I love the angle and the colours of this shot.

Getting the camels ready for the race.

And they're off!

See that thing on his back? It's a robot jockey. The owners drive alongside the camels on a paved track, and they can control the jockeys remotely, making them whip those poor camels be-hinds!
We drove with all the owners on the outside track. Never seen so many Landcruisers all together. We were clearly expats in our Pathfinder. It was so exciting! I felt like we ourselves were in a race as we drove along with the camels. Many of the drivers honked their horns to encourage their camels to go faster. And yes, it was raining. Also very exciting.

The trainers are always ready to smile for the camera. 

Exhibit B: The Horse Races

Our pictures for this event aren't nearly as fabulous, and for more (and better) commentary on the event, you should probably see Tracie's blog. (She also includes a picture with THE biggest Jeff-smile I've ever seen!) Qatar Foundation, Jeff's employer, invited us all out. Free popcorn, light boxed dinner, pony rides, and a chance to see beautiful Arabian horses race.

Kaiya has no fear, once again. My girl loves animals.

Funky lighting. The sun was setting, but the lights were so bright it was like daytime. And notice the - GASP! - sweaters! Yes, it was cool.

They brought the horses around for us to check out each time before the races began. No betting though. Not allowed.

I was going to give you exhibits C, D, and E, but I think I'll save them for one more post... our last one before coming back to Canada for Christmas.

As usual, your comments and questions are more than welcome. Share the love, share the love.

Just a few more days, and I'll be done my swim through the Atlantic Ocean. :)


mandy k said...

Kathy the pics are fantastic, but so are your words and stories, all the time! I check your site every couple of days and it is indeed the words that I am usually hoping for :) Glad to be vicariously enjoying all your adventures! xo

gypsy said...

Aw, Mandy, thanks for the ego stroking. We all need some lovin' sometimes. Glad you enjoy travelling along with us. :)

Suzanne said...

I agree with Mandy. The words are equally as important as the pictures. I love your stories and little anecdotes. Soo great.

As for this post, the camels are hilarious, and robot jockeys?? That's unbelievable. What an experience indeed.

Anonymous said...

Pictures are beautiful , and colorful , but we still liked most , Kaiya on horse . Mom

Beth and Jason said...

I too like the pictures, but I LOVE the videos and the words more. I get to see inside your heart that way!

Tracie said...

I read every word. Every, single, well selected word.
I think it's unanimous.
Thanks for the pictures of the camel race. You've told us about it a couple of times but I could not imagine the bedlam of everyone driving beside the camels. I get it now. Can't wait to visit.

Rose said...

The robot jockeys are hysterical. And don't all camels look like adolescent boys with their limbs a bit to long for their bodies?

Beth said...

Unbelievable! Amazing pics and descriptions!