Saturday, January 21, 2012

Happy Birthday, Dave!

Friday night, we were privileged to be a part of one friend's 50th birthday celebrations. A friend we figure Jeff has known for 20 years now, a man who has weaved in and out of our lives over the years, and who is becoming a more prominent part of it now... Dave Giesbrecht.

As many of you know, we ended up coming to Qatar with Dave and Tracie and Honour mostly by fluke. Dave and Jeff went to the same teaching abroad fair at Queen's, and when Dave's hopes for a job in Dubai didn't pan out, Jeff suggested Qatar. And by the end of the weekend, both of them had landed jobs at the very same school.

Friday night was a wonderful night, orchestrated by Tracie, the master finder of all fun things to do in Doha. We went to the Oryx Rotana, a hotel I had not even heard of, very close to the airport. It was a swanky evening, starting with wine at The Cellar, where we enjoyed live Latin music. As my last couple of posts have revealed, this past week was pretty up and down for me, and you could say the homesickness and culture shock have definitely been kicking in. Just five minutes before we stepped into The Cellar, I had been listing to Jeff some of the many things I was missing while living in Doha. And as soon as we stepped in the door, a good chunk of that list simply dropped away. It's amazing what live music, a warm, inviting atmosphere, and good company can do. Ya, and quality red wine never hurts...

Carlo and Lourdes

Darren and Larissa. I like the soft, fuzzy glow of this shot.

Dave, the birthday boy, and Tracie

I believe I was saying, "This is so fantastic! Just what I needed!!"

After our drinks, we headed over to the Jazz Lounge, where we enjoyed more live music (what a treat!!), more wine, and tapas. 

I love how the bar and most of the tables were facing the stage. The music was no afterthought here. Fantastic band from South Africa.

Enjoying the tunes

Dave contemplating the meaning of "50." Actually, I think he was just texting someone...

Thank you Dave and Tracie, for a wonderful night out. I am not out of the homesick blahs yet, but this night was a good step in the right direction. We look forward to many more good times with all you folks.

And Dave, I hope this year brings you much joy as you continue to discover yourself in the land of sand and sun. God bless.


Beth said...

Oh! Thank you for this peak of the celebration night! Wish we could've toasted with you!

Tracie said...

This is lovely Kathy. Thanks for posting this as you know I'm not likely to get to it very soon!

We had a wonderful night and were so glad you were all there to celebrate with us.