Saturday, January 07, 2012

Happy New Year!

Okay, so I'm a little late, I know. But with flying back to Doha on the 2nd and then enduring haunting, ever-lingering jet lag since then, you could say I've been a bit ... brain dead.

I'm still brain dead, but work starts for me tomorrow, which may just lead to more of the same. So I figure if I'm going to get that "new year's" post out, it's kind of now or never.

We had a good night. My sister bought the tickets back in, oh, October? We went to John Michael's in Thorold, beside the detention center. Classy. No but really, it was. A massive antipasto buffet, and then dinner. And a midnight buffet, with fruit and pizza. And a complementary bottle of champagne at midnight. Yesssss!

We were excited (and no, silly, Kaiya didn't come with us):

Look at HER, please look at her. She's being cute; I'm just being ridiculous.

The dance was great. All the crappy pop music I have missed (sort of), with Pitbull appearing in like, every second song. Seriously North America? You've got to get over Pitbull. There is far greater talent in this world. (But ya, his tunes are pretty dance-able). The younger crowd (ie. our table, minus us) was mostly self-conscious, but the rest of us 30+ folks really just let loose. Even Jeff danced with me. All night. If standing and bobbing your head qualifies as dancing. (And in my world, it does.) According to Dustin, he "participated." :) Whatever, I was happy, over the moon even. I had a dancing partner all night!

I love this picture of my sister dancing. I hope she does too. Lovin' that free spirit!

Midnight came, and we got the whole bit: champagne, countdown, even balloons and confetti. We'd never been to a New Year's Party like this, and I'd have to say, it rocked.

We're back in Doha now, having survived a very long flight with too many crying infants. I'll philosophize on our return and how we're feeling in another post. For now, I just want to wish you and yours a fabulous 2012. I feel hopeful. I feel good. I think it's going to be a good year.

Cheers, my family and friends!



James said...

Half your pics wouldn't load for me... but great to hear that you had a good time. Jeff: I'll match your head bobbing abilities any day.

Suzanne said...

So much fun! It looks like a rockin' party. Love you.

Rose said...

The party looks so awesome. Miss you already...