Friday, February 10, 2012

4-year old faith

When Kaiya went to St. Thomas daycare back in St. Catharines, she learned a simple prayer which she would often say at meal times:

"God is great, God is good
Let us thank him for our food."

Well, God help us if we ever tried to extend the prayer... "by his hands we all are fed..." or if we ever tried to pray anything else. We were quickly put in our place by Miss Kaiya, who let us know in no uncertain terms that we were not praying correctly.

Through our gentle encouragement, Kaiya has slowly branched out. I think much of this branching is due to the wonderful children's bible Karen gave us this year. Kaiya is in total awe of all the little stories, and we crack up every time she says, "Can we read the Bible again tonight? Pleeeease???"

The other night, Jeff managed to write down one of her soliloquies...

"God is good. So we all thank you for daily bread with butter on it and bread is good with jam and peanut butter and the jam makes our bellies red."

Um, ... amen?

The other night, when it was just Kaiya and I, she thanked God for being so brave. She also made sure to thank Jesus for being brave too.

Night after night, we have listened to her endearing treaties to God, desperately trying not to crack up and spit in our dinners. Her earnestness is just too much sometimes.


Suzanne said...

Oh my goodness, break my heart! Be like little children right? When's the last time I sung my random prayer? Too much.

Tracie said...

What a cutie. That's as good as her song, "Canada is great....but it sure is cold"

Rose said...

So awesome.

Anonymous said...

That Has been William lately too. A few months ago he was praying and said "and thank you God for amen"
When I asked "why thank you for amen?"
He said "because it means the praying is done"
Ray and I had to bite our lips and try not to burst out laughing. From the mouths of babes. Lol
William has his picture bible that he gets a story from each night. Some of his insights into things have been amazing.
Faith like a child.

Anonymous said...

I like AMEN to.