Monday, February 13, 2012

Cultural Differences 101

So I was teaching my class of young men the differences between countable and uncountable nouns today. If these terms mean about as much to you as "binomial coefficients" mean to me, no worries. Not essential information here.

I finished up the class by asking them to construct sentences using the words "some" and "any."

"Abdullah, give me a sentence with 'some.'"
"Ali, give me a sentence with 'any.'"

(These aren't their actual names, but they could be...)

I came to the last student... "Fahad, give me a sentence with 'any.'"

Fahad: "I don't have any wife."

As I was opening my mouth to tell Fahad that in this case, you would actually say a wife, not any wife, I stopped myself. Then I smiled and simply said, "Right."

And then I stated, "You mean wives. I don't have any wives." 


Anonymous said...

That's funny :)

James said...

Whoa. I would've walked right into that one.

kooki said...