Thursday, March 01, 2012

I think we got it right this time.

I wrote this last Friday. But I got sidetracked. By the rest of the weekend, beautiful fall weather, and a head cold. You know how it goes...


It's been one of those weeks. Where some days had me loving this life, and others had me hating it. Monday and Tuesday were real low points. Just a bad mix of circumstances and emotions, and I was done. Thankfully, the rest of the week looked up after that. Dinner with friends, a Japanese taiko performance (you just can't go wrong with one of those), better classes, venting sessions with colleagues, and a sweet, gracious hubby.

Thank you.

And today was an icing on the cake kind of a day. It was so simple, really. We went clam digging with a colleague's family in Fuwayrit. And as soon as my eyes saw the beautiful scene before me... sandy beach, greeny-blue water... I thought, "Yes! We got it right this time!"

Cha-ching... another location to add to the winner list.

We weren't even really that good at the clam digging. I persevered for a while, but Jeff mostly just wanted to take pictures of crabs while Kaiya just wanted to toss around dirt. By the end of the day, our lips were cracking from the sea air, our hair was wind-blown and coated with sand, and everything tasted like salt. It was wonderful.

Thank you to Dean and family for a fantastic idea. We'll have to do this again.

Jeff worked real hard to avoid butt crack shots. :)

Cool camp set up along the beach.

Kaiya and Coral, looking for treasures.

As per usual, I got anti-social for a bit and went exploring. Always so very worth it.
So glad to have found this sweet beach. Camping/rocky area off in the distance. Loads of people and dune buggies behind us.

Jeff was more interested in all the other sea life. He found so much amazing LIFE, he started to feel guilty for just walking around... "With every step I'm killing something!!"

More sea life

Some of our beautiful bounty

At one point, another "college family" happened to stop by our exact location. Later in the week, I found out that their rad had gone on them on the drive back, only 10 minutes from home. Within 30 seconds, a Qatari man had stopped to help them. He filled their rad with water and then they tried to continue home. Realizing it wasn't going to work, they stopped again. The Qatari man, who had been following them, stopped once again. Some of his family, who were in a second vehicle, stopped too. The man handed over his keys (to his 4x4 Lexus) and said, "Please, drive your family home in my car." When the dad protested, the Qatari man said, "You must get your family home. Go." He put the keys in his hand, and Jimmy and his family got into the Lexus and drove home, with the Qatari man and his family following them.

I have heard many stories of the kindness and generosity of the Qatari people. I love each and every one of them.


At the end of the day Jeff got his fix too, with some rocky off-roading. We booted around this hilly area for a while, rescuing another white guy who had gotten stuck, checking out cool camping spots, and generally saying, "let's come back here... often."

Oh yaaaaaa.... this was FUN!

I had a thought hit me tonight on the drive home from a friend's house. As Kaiya once again fell asleep on the short ride home, I suddenly realized that many of her early childhood memories will be of life here, in Qatar. Just as we all as children loved the comfort of falling asleep in the car, of sensing from the lights and the familiar streets that we were close to home, of being sweetly carried up to bed... in the same way, Kaiya will have all these memories. But they won't be of St. Catharines, of Canada. They'll be of bumping along the rubble, seeing the familiar compound sign, the swaying of the palm trees, the smell of the dust and sand. How wonderful.

Our desert girl


I know I say this a lot, but keep in touch, okay? Email, text, call. It's amazing how just a line or two from home can warm our hearts for the day.

Much LOVE!


Suzanne said...

Wow. That does look amazing. I loved the story about the Qatari man, and how true about Kaiya. All so great.

Rose said...

So amazing to think of early childhood memories being formed. How cool.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Mom and Dad

mariaborito said...

wow! wide open spaces. i would escape too! touching bits of nature and sand…in not too hot weather. perfect. things you will savour over and over again. it does seem like a blessed spot.
how about your everyday life? maybe you could post about that sometime?!

Tarasview said...

I was away at a conference in Nashville last week and am catching up on all my blog reading :) This looks like such a fun day!

I think it is amazing how much life and colour can be found in the desert :) Beautiful.

kooki said...

Love Fuwairait. Was one of the first beaches we discovered and was the first one we camped at more than 2 years ago. 2 years. Oh the places you'll go. A tip for the weary, stand outside with your face to the sun at least once a day. Even if it's just in your backyard. It's an instant boost for the spirit.

Anonymous said...

I love that amazing, huge open space & NO PEOPLE.Pic.3,4,9 & 10.Guess who ?

Anonymous said...

Are there any washrooms around this beach ?

gypsy said...

Sadly, no washrooms. But we found a beautiful, clean beach in Al Khor two days ago. It has little covered areas, great playground equipment, BBQ pits, AND super clean bathrooms. I know, eh?! I'll be posting about that soon in the next week (with directions, hopefully)

Sprinkle said...

Fuwayrit (beach) is my favourite place here so far. I'm having a down moment and realised that whatever I think about life here you're right, these will be our children's childhood memories. So thank you :)