Monday, April 30, 2012

For the love of GREEN

We have been loving the weather here. We have been loving the weather so much that we forgot that yes, the INSANE heat would return again. But here we are. It's like someone flicked a switch this weekend, and suddenly we're in the high 30s/low 40s. When Jeff and I stepped outside last night, I said, "Okay, so we're not being blasted by car exhaust right now?" No, we weren't. Ah yes, it seems day trips are done now, till at least late October. It'll be shopping malls and swimming pools from here on in... along with those funky misting fans they have at the souq. Rest assured, we WILL find our ways to be outdoors. 

But yes, my ever-open kitchen window is now closed, and I'm trapped once again in the tinted-window dimness of our dark villa. Yesterday, while standing by that window, I heard what I distinctly thought was a lawn mower. Right. A lawn mower. In the desert. But I couldn't shake the feeling, and it was too dang hot to actually go outside and investigate. So there I stood, instantly transported to our measly little George Street backyard.

Hello grass, hello giant rosebush, hello random tomato vines and basil that never quite makes it. And hello to all the other flowers whose names I don't know, but whose colours remain vivid in my mind. I have missed you. I remember the nightly ritual. Dinner on the patio transitioning to puttering in the backyard till the mosquitoes started nibbling. Pulling weeds, watering where needed, moving things around. It was so very good to feel the dirt. I remember the two summers Jeff referred to me as "Amazon Woman" as I battled the massive weeds and small trees that came with the side garden of our yard. I was determined to pull each and every last one, and to make a pleasant path of mulch and ground covers. And I did. And loved every minute of it.

I miss the green. And I miss the dirt. Not the sandy kind... the dark, cakey, wormy kind. And so I was overjoyed... completely overjoyed, that our new villa comes with a teeny, tiny back "yard" that looks like this:
Look!! It's GRASS! In the desert!! Look at how crazy green that is!!
Grass, flowers, tomatoes, herbs... oh my!

And for the record, it was a lawnmower I heard. The Qatari owners of our compound, who happen to live behind our back wall, had grass put in around their home a few months back. I'm not losing my mind... yet.


And just as a bonus, because you're such faithful readers, I'll include a couple photos of our (Inshallah) new villa. I'm feeling very "Inshallah" these days. I know how things (not always) work in this dear country, and there are far too many balls up in the air right now. I will feel much more secure (I'm hoping) at the end of May. Till then, it's nice to hope and plan and dream.

(Keep in mind that Jeff's new wide angle lens tends to make things look ... wider ... than they really are. And no, I'm not talking about my ass. The rooms aren't that big, okay?)

The living room

The dining room. Those windows let in a bounty of afternoon sunlight. You have no idea how happy that makes me! The second floor has another set of these wondrous windows.

In the dining room, looking back at the kitchen. Look! No horrid, loud air conditioning units!

The master. We will probably be buying that bedroom set (minus the pink princess bed)

Ah yes, end of May, please come. Till then, we breathe deeply and continue the hunt for furniture!


Suzanne said...

Wow, wow, wow!! That is SUCH an improvement from you current villa. Everything about it looks so wonderful. I love how the kitchen opens right into the living/dinning. So wonderful. And the grass! Incredible. Inshallah indeed, but I'm sure it will happen. This is incredible!

kooki said...

The thing I really love about houses in Qatar is that all the stairways look exactly the same. The gardens, on the other hand, do not. Lovely yours! Don't forget to get a lawn mower. Sending you happy thoughts and lots of energy!

Erika said...

when will you be moving? i have a need for all of us to get settled once and for all :-) but i realize that is not going to happen...ever?? oh well(sigh) hope your move goes well. the villa looks great!enjoy the green, i could never live without it as well.

Beth said...

Very cool! Greenest hope and abundance to you friends.

Anonymous said...

We love it, hope you get it.Babi

Anonymous said...

Love the garden, take some pictures from upstairs.