Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

Not so much to say tonight. I think I'm coming to the conclusion that blogging (coherently, at least) and working full-time do not mesh so well, at least not for me. This introvert is in need of a lot more quiet time than she's getting! But never fear, I will press on. I miss this space when too much time passes by. And I want very much to keep giving you a window into our world.

I'm mainly here today to share some pictures because I feel it's been a while. We had a quiet Mother's Day today, with take-out, homemade cards, and a little girl who constantly hugged and kissed me and told me that I'm her "best mom."  We also shared many exchanges like this one:

"Mom, could you get me a glass of water?"
"Sure hon.... why are you coming with me?"
"Because it's Mother's Day, and I know I like you a lot."

Did I mention I'm really liking 4?

I'm feeling a little run down today, so the best part of the day (as always, really) was the cuddles. Our non-cuddly, independent baby has become quite a sweet, mushy girl who's a grump in the mornings if she doesn't get ample mommy-cuddle time. YES... you really can train a child!

One of our morning cuddle games lately has been this:
"Mom, you can hug me 67 times."
"Kaiya, you can hug me 1000 times."
(and back, and forth...)
"Mom, you can hug me 1000 million times ago when the dinosaurs were here!!"

And then we move on to kisses.

Googly eyes!!

It's safe to say this mama-bear is feeling pretty snug and warm in her den tonight.

And finally a shout-out to my mom, oh so many miles away...

I've often wished you could be here with us in Qatar, to feel the warm sun, enjoy the private backyards, and especially, to see Kaiya as she grows and changes. We miss you and we love you. Thank you for being such an amazing supporter of us here. I really think you've been our #1 cheerleader, telling us to hang in there and take the long view, even on the tough days. That means a lot. Have a happy and restful Mother's Day.

Have a good night, friends.


Anonymous said...

Very sweet.Mom

Erika said...

yes, very sweet. happy mother's day to you. you are a wonderful mom and i'm so proud of you; kaiya has the best!