Friday, May 04, 2012

May 4 (for lack of a better title)

It's Friday. Thank Allah.

Weekends can be a little treacherous in this desert city. You've heard about our dark villa that sometimes feels like it's sucking the fun-ness out of us as we contemplate all the things we can't walk to. Kathy and I can't seem to remember on Thursday nights that Kaiya still gets up at "get ready for school" timing - even on weekends. We can't seem to find a balance between sitting at home wishing you were all here with us, and doing Doha - big events, big stuff, big plans and being overwhelmed and exhausted by it. The in-between, casual visits and low-key plans are very illusive.

And so began our day.

We had no plans for the morning. We had stayed up too late. Kaiya woke up early. It's stinking hot. Enter the weekend frustration that quickly turns our Fridays sour. Good thing Kath tried something different today.

I had had a really busy week with a couple of late nights. I was exhausted. And so today Kathy took our monkey downstairs for breakfast while I got to sleep until nine. When I finally woke up - rested, it was my turn.

When in doubt, we Epps like to drive. So I suggested a drive. That's all I had to do.

By ten-thirty we were in the truck heading towards Al-Wakra. After a meandering drive we arrived in the small fishing town and Kathy remembered a post by kooki giving directions to the beach there. A few round-abouts and u-turns and we arrived at the most beautiful beach we've seen. Fuwayrit is really nice.  But al-Wakra has a few tricks up its proverbial sleeve, not least being that's it's much closer. (Check out kooki's post for a great description of the beach).

The water was warm and really clear. There was no garbage!!!! The tide was out (but moving in quickly) creating what Kaiya and I called "our own private islands". And it wasn't busy.

Into the water we went. We hadn't planned on swimming (we hadn't planned on anything really), so we didn't have bathing suits. Off came Kaiya's clothes and the fun began. I spun her around in the water as her makeshift underwear-bathing suit precariously held on. Giggles and squeals, a sopping wet four-year-old, wet feet for Kathy and the morning was saved. Water and sun, and the rest of the day couldn't go wrong.

Here are some photos before the clothes came off.

C'mon dad!  Mom's doing the walking far away into the water thing again!

at the edge of her own private island

And for the record, we did see a truck parked on a sandbar that looked a little isolated when we arrived. By the time we left 45 minutes later - it looked like the truck had about 200 meters to go to get back to dry land. The tides are indeed "stealthy".

It turned out to be a fantastic day. The beach was incredible. Less than an hour after we arrived we had to rush off because Kaiya had a birthday party to go to.  Take-out for dinner, and Kaiya's heading to bed right now. A good Friday. Good enough that Kath and Kaiya might head back to our new found favourite beach again tomorrow while I go into work to proctor and mark an entrance exam.



Beth said...

I Love this! So glad your day had some weekending redemption and that everyone got their feet wet!

jeff said...

apparently, this post should have been called, "May the Fourth be with you".

Kathy thinks that's some sort of Star Wars reference.


James said...

It is Star Wars day today. It actually literally is.

Great to hear from you, Jeff. You are really getting obsessed with that wide angle lense aren't you. I can't complain, really... the shots are magnificent.

Rose said...

The beach looks incredible - is that water even real? Wow. We spent the afternoon on the shores of Beaverdams Lake. Slightly less crystal clear...but still makes a good splash when you throw in rocks, which is really all the little ones cared about.

Jennie said...
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Jennie said...

EPP!!!! I've stalked you down and have been thinking about you because I have a friend who is in Qatar for work right now. Of course when she said she was going there it made me think of you and remember that you had a blog. Lucky for me you were easy to stalk!

Cute pics.

Wever is same old - Crazy.

Jennie said...

ha! Sorry, just realized that I may have sent you a bunch of comments without realizing it!! I keep thinking that it's not working but now that I actually read more closely I see that my comment needs to be approved. (because I often say things that are inappropriate!!).