Friday, July 27, 2012

Sweet, Sweet Summer

With a teacher for a husband, summers have always been sweet. But this summer, after a whirlwind first year exploring and adjusting to our new home Qatar, life is particularly sweet. And for good reason. Many reasons. Reuniting with family and friends, enjoying the cool (in comparison) temperatures, the wind with no dust, the puffy white clouds... taking in all the beautiful green, eating delicious local fruit and vegetables, returning to favourite restaurants... having time to slow down, enjoy, process... all while revelling in the sights, sounds, tastes and smells of our home country.

Yes, you could say we're all enjoying our holidays.

Kaiya, swimming and smores

Jeff, photos and movies

Me, the outdoors and time to just be

And ... Well, yes, there is an "and." I did say it's a particularly sweet summer, didn't I?

A baby! 14 weeks along, due January 20th

After two and a half years of hoping, it has been surprisingly hard to embrace the hope and let hope become joy. But I think our time here in Canada has helped me start taking small steps in the right direction.

A BABY!! Who knew?!