Tuesday, August 28, 2012

And... We're back!

We're home. I've decided, now that we've launched back into the expat life, that I really don't like flying. Particularly across-the-world-flying involving stopovers. This is an unfortunate revelation. Our first night back, while contemplating how to stay awake for a couple of hours, Kaiya and I inhaled an entire box of Ritz crackers. I guess we were hungry. And the next morning, I awoke at five fifteen, imagining the scratchy feel of my sister's backyard patio on my bare feet. It's funny the memories that make home.

We've been in a bit of a jet-laggy haze here. But we've been doing well. Both mornings have been incredibly lazy, all three of us cuddling together in our giant king-sized bed. We know the end of summer is here, and we're sucking up all the last happy bits. This morning, as Kaiya and I lay there together, we played silly cuddling games where she very gently kissed each of my eyes, cheeks, and my nose and mouth. She knows morning will be very different very soon. I reminded her today of our early-morning rushes and my persistent bad-morning-mood. Her response? "Ya, and you're always grumpy with me." Yes, darling, hold momma tight. The next few weeks may be rough.

Thankfully, tomorrow's meeting doesn't start till 1:30. A gentle easing back in.

I've been hit these past few weeks with how incredibly blessed we are. A good perspective shift. You could say the summer holidays were very much needed. Particularly by me. I got to see that Kaiya is in fact thriving. Ten guilt-plagued months of worry melted away as I watched my girl dive in to each summer experience, totally carefree. I realized I haven't damaged her by bringing her here. Yes, friends, I sheepishly admit that this was my number one worry our first year here. And silly me, no reassurances could bring me comfort. Not till I saw her back on Canadian soil, embracing life to the fullest. And then diving right back into Doha too. It is an amazing blessing to see your child living with the same zest and spirit that you aspire to.

It's 9:30pm here, and while I'm contemplating bed, my husband has decided it's a good time to start painting. Cake's "Going the Distance" is currently blaring while I desperately try to keep my focus. Yes, Jeff decided he wanted to paint the villa himself. Are we surprised? And so, after researching the sub-par painting supplies available in Doha, both rollers and brushes were stuffed into suitcases and brought all the way back from Canada. He may be crazy, but at least I won't be staring at white walls much longer!

I'd like to share some summer photos here, but life with a photographer can be complicated, and our latest set aren't yet edited/uploaded/or something like that. So instead I'll share a couple of pictures from moving day, back in May. I didn't know it then, but it was the beginning of a very good chapter in our lives. Wonderful new villa and compound, followed by the surprising and amazing news that we're expecting! As Kaiya has just started saying, "Life is good." Yes, my girl, it is.

The moving men, leaving our old villa with trucks packed: Dean, Darren, and Jeff. 

Our adventure-loving girl, scoping out our new digs.
 Here we go... year 2 of crazy Doha life. Thanks for coming along for the ride.



Suzanne said...

So amazing. I've been missing your wonderful blog and so it's wonderful to read another one of your always inspiring entries. I'm glad you made it back safe and sound and are embracing your last moments of bliss before the fall chaos begins. Love you lots!

Baked.By.B said...

Love listening to your thoughts in my head as I read them. It makes it seem as though you're right here speaking them. Enjoy the moments Kath!

Karen D. said...

Welcome back to blogging! I wasn't expecting anything new on your blog so soon after your return to Qatar - but I always check just in case.... And here you are! Yay!

And do enjoy those last lazy moments before you dive under for the crazy school year! But guess what? Before you know it, you'll resurface - to dive into babyland! Yay!!!

Hope you have a good start to the year!

Erika said...

it was wonderful to see you too! so good to hear you are settling in. painting is a good idea. good thing jeff thought of it. can't wait to see the colors!