Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sensible Hypotheses

I was initially puzzled when Kaiya used the word "sensibly." Most big words in my girl's vocabulary are easily traced back to the show "Dinosaur Train," by far her favourite show in the whole wide world. Like when she said at dinner one night, "I observe that we're all very hungry." Or when she has stated, "I have a hypothesis," going on to explain a deep mystery in her life, like why her princess balloon is still floating up to the ceiling even after two full weeks. "Dinosaur Train" also explains why she's able to speak so eloquently about carnivores, herbivores, predators, and many species of dinosaur I've never heard of. And why she doesn't like other TV shows..."Mom, they're boring. They don't have paleontologists on them."

The word "sensibly" is not used in "Dinosaur Train." Not ever. But when Kaiya said something about "behaving sensibly," I had my own hypothesis about where this word was coming from. And when Jeff and I attended the parents' morning at Kaiya's school, and her teacher talked to the children, in his lovely British accent, about acting sensibly, I knew my hypothesis was correct.

You could say Kaiya is absolutely loving school. And if we were bursting at the seams with pride for her before, well now it's all just become a bit much. Like, get a hold of yourselves, Momma and Poppa Epp. Get a GRIP!

Kaiya's first day. I told her to smile big. "Mom, I already am!"

Mr. Unicorn, all the way from Canada. So big on my little girl!

But how can I get a grip when every day my girl comes home and tells me about the new phonemes she's learning (she calls them 'phomenes.') My nerdy-wordy heart is over the moon when she tells me, "Today we learned the phomene /p/" while holding her finger in front of her mouth, 'coz you know, you're supposed to feel the breath on your finger (it's called aspiration, all you non-nerdy wordy folk). When I ask her if she knows what letter goes with the sound /p/, she puts her finger in the air and says, "P!" and then starts tracing it in the air..."First you go down the pirate's body and then around the pirate's head!"

Somebody slay me... it's all too much for me to handle.

And as you can see below, Kaiya is already in love with her teacher. She comes home every day with funny stories he's told the class. On the parents' morning, both Jeff and I were impressed by his confidence, enthusiasm and organization. The man runs a tight ship. But honestly, I'm mostly impressed by the sheer quantities of scratch-n-sniff stickers this man possesses.

Here we were, bracing ourselves for another transition. But it's week 3 now, and it's all been incredibly smooth, smooth sailing.

I think she was ready.


Tarasview said...

that is awesome! :)

Anonymous said...

We loved the pictures.Babi and Dedo

Candice van Ravenswaay said...

My heart bubbled with pride and joy reading this post! And her hair is still "flipping" fantastic! lol

Rose said...

LOVE IT!! The teacher is exactly as you described him! "Phenomes"! We do not give kids enough credit most of the time - look what they are capable of!! Go Kaiya go!

tammy said...

Congratulations Kaiya! Yeah, I think she was ready. All the best as you scramble to keep up with her brain!

kooki said...

I want that teacher... I mean, I mean, I want my children to have that teacher. No, actually I want that teacher to teach me phonemes and the like. And I want some scratch and sniff stickers too. I fear your daughter's vocabulary is more advanced than mine. Maybe she should be my teacher.