Saturday, October 06, 2012

Beach + Horse = Good Weekend

Things are starting to cool down out here in the Gulf. Which really means life is starting to heat up. The next six months or so will see prime-time living out here... parks, playgrounds, picnics... all our favourite things. In the next couple weeks I want to start planting vegetables and herbs in our garden, to add to the grass and gorgeous bougainvillea that have kept blooming and blooming their bright pink blossoms. Just as friends and family back in Canada are starting to cozy up to their fall colours and sweaters, we're getting ready to break free from the constant drone of the a/c and spend as much of the next 6 months as we can OUTDOORS! I'm getting really excited!

My two weeks of sickness finally agreed to bugger off Wednesday, and as soon as they did I said, "Let's hit the beach!" And so after work Thursday we drove up to Fuwairit with friends, to meet some more friends. A sunset picnic, complete with a good soak in the salty sea was just what we all needed. Kaiya kept playing in the sand long after dark, convincing me it's time to look into some basic camping gear. You can just do that here... pitch a tent, right on the beach, and call it a night. I think we might just have to do that soon (although I reserve the right to flatten the seats in the Pathfinder and crash back there!)

Happiness is... pizza, sand, water...

I mean, how can you go wrong... just look at this view!

Let's do this again, okay guys?

Post-swim, taking in the last bit of light.

Friday morning saw us starting a new adventure - horseback riding. The Doha Mums' group, which I'm a part of, advertised lessons on their forum this week. And I didn't hesitate to add Kaiya's name to the list. Kaiya has a love of horses which I fear might make her a mini-Karen Epp. While we are thrilled with her excitement, we're also going to do our best to ensure she doesn't go buying herself a horse at the age of 16. We'll see how that goes...

I get happy every time I look at her smiles in these pictures. We have ourselves another horse lover!

The equestrian center we went to is right by Sheikh Faisal museum, and it was a surprise and a treat. A lot of beautiful horses, and a wonderful walk outdoors. Kinda sweaty, yes, but still great.

We found out the horse's name was "Maggie." Kaiya promptly renamed her "Maggie Sparkle." And she requested to always get to ride a white horse. The man leading the horse kept cracking up at her constant jibber-jabber. "Mom, this is really really fun. Mom, watch out... don't get hit by her tail! Mom, look at that funny horse's bum. Mom, can we do this again??"

Yep, we got ourselves one satisfied customer!

This evening, as I was packing lunches and getting ready for the school/work week, Kaiya tugged on my arm and said, "Mom, you said we get to go riding again on the weekend. Today's the weekend, but I didn't go!" Let's clarify, honey. That's one time every weekend. One time. We'll see you again next Friday, Maggie Sparkle.

Seriously... look at these landscapes! We live here!!?? So thankful.


Geoff & Jen said...

Was the horse bucking in the last picture? His back feet are both off the ground.

gypsy said...

Nope, no bucking. Didn't notice that before.

Anonymous said...

Yes, let's do the beach again really soon.

Suzanne said...

Amazing! You do realize that you are starting an expensive hobby for your little girl, one that may not be so comfortably upheld back here in Canada. :) But who am I kidding, she is an Epp after all. If she's anything like Karen, she'll figure out a way to keep it up, nay, make it her life. She seems in her element.

Anonymous said...

Wat a look on Kaiya's face,it looks like she was born for raising horses.What a lucky kid.

Karen D. (not to be confused with the Karen referred to in the blog) said...

May I just say that Kaiya is looking really grown up with that haircut! Love the smiles! I can see why you can't stop smiling when you see these pictures!