Thursday, October 11, 2012

Love, 4-year old style

Said by Kaiya last night, as part of her storytelling-at-bedtime routine:

"Today Billy said, 'I love you.' But I just rolled my eyes. So he said, 'I like you a lot. I like you just the way you are.' Billy ... he's a sweet guy."

She actually gushed while telling that story.

And never mind Billy. Then there's Jeffrey. I love that there's a little "Jeffrey" in her life. His eyes absolutely light up and sparkle every time she gets on the bus in the morning. It's the cutest thing to see. Kaiya regales us almost daily with stories about Jeffrey. About how he told her there's this special plant that has prickles all over it, and when zombies touch it ... they die.

Zombies? Does my girl even know what those are?

But the Jeffrey stories were taken to a whole new level tonight when Kaiya announced, just before dinner: "I kissed Jeffrey today!"
Mother (that's me): Um, erm, uhhhh... okay. Honey, where did you kiss him? (WHY did I ask that?)
Kaiya: All over!
Mother: (mostly amused, slightly concerned): All over? Where exactly?
Kaiya: On his cheek, and here (pointing to elbow) and here (pointing to knee)
Mother: And did he like it?
Kaiya: No. (one word: relief)
Mother: You know, a lot of boys probably don't want you kissing them right now. (Forgive me... what WAS I supposed to say?)
Kaiya: Ya, I know... Jeffrey's one of the boys who don't like it.

I later made fun of her when she mentioned sitting with him on the bus and said, "What's his name, mom?" I responded, poking her in the ribs, "How can you kiss a boy when you can't even remember his name?"

And so begins the learning of life's important lessons. Ha.

Oh Lord ... I'm holding on to 4 as tight as I can!


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Suzanne said...

HIlarious! Hold on tight for sure. She is such a little ham.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, Kathy. I'm grinning so wide it's hurting my face :) !!!!

I will remember this when I am composing a vignette in my mind of what life would have been like a dozen years from now had we all trucked along on George Street!


Erika said...

too cute!

Anonymous said...

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