Thursday, November 22, 2012

Scenes from last weekend

The weather has cooled, our windows are open. Three weeks left of work, and just under three till Robyn comes! And our poor, poor blog is being woefully neglected. What can I say? Life is busy, and I've been seriously nesting.

So I'm low on words tonight, but here are some pictures to share from our full last weekend.

Katara's Second Dhow Festival

Dhow with Qatari flag

Captivating musicians

Oyster and pearl

Amazing "light show"

Quite the finale!

Our little pirate. She loved "steering" the dhows.

Farkeeh Coast

It seems to have been discovered. Any other time we've been, there's never been more than 10 other cars. Mind you, it was a perfect day for the beach.

Some of our entourage

Clearly a popular day for the beach!

Gotta get a kite...

Ah, those desert sunsets

I hope to return soon with more of the usual musings... but no promises. My mama heart has been turning inward a lot these days, preparing for the life changes soon to come in the form of a tiny little newborn, sure to rock our world.


Suzanne said...

Gorgeous as always.

kooki said...

Another blogger put up a post about Farkeeh Coast. I think Wahyu. As soon as I saw it I thought, "There goes that spot." : ) Also the population of Qatar has swelled. There's bound to be run-off.

Erika said...

so much has happened since you've posted this. one just never knows what a week will bring. love to you and your family!