Thursday, March 28, 2013

Two Months Today!

Well, hello, blue eyes.

This is what we do now. In the rare moments of the day that you're not sleeping, feeding, or being changed, this is what we do. We sit and we stare. And we have the loveliest of conversations. Where we gurgle and goo and smile and laugh, and the world becomes small, so small in fact, that there is absolutely nothing more important than this moment. Than you, together with me.

And I'm amazed, all over again, at how one tiny, helpless being can totally transform lives. Bringing a family even closer together, bringing light and love and life. Making morning cuddles in the family bed that much sweeter, and our family "love fest!" hugs that much tighter. 

Yes, there are moments of longing and homesickness, of wishing for the closeness of family and friends. 

But they are just moments in the tumbling expanse of falling in love all over again. With you.


Tara Robertson said...

beautiful :)

Cheryl@OntheOldPath said...

Jeff and Kathy you two make sweet babies, with full cheeks and I am guessing cute pudgy tummies too. She looks so full of joy and love and tremendously healthy too. How blessed you are!

Erika said...

can't wait to be holding and cuddling isabelle for myself!

Anonymous said...

Happy,cute 2 month old Isabelle. Love you Babi and Dedo