Sunday, April 28, 2013

Three Months Already!

Here she is, our growing girl. It's been another wonderful month. Just tonight, to celebrate her third month among us, she rolled over from belly to back. Three times, just to let us know she had it down. Just a month ago, I looked back through blog posts of Kaiya's first year with us, and I shook my head when I read about month three. "She was sleeping eleven hours at night??! That's not gonna happen with this one!" And here we are, one month later, enjoying eleven to twelve hours of Izzy-sleep every night. 

I don't think there is anything more beautiful than sleeping babies!

Naked and happy after her bath

Kaiya and Isabelle and I went for a walk around the compound last night after dinner. With one hand, I held Izzy on my shoulder and with the other, I held Kaiya's hand. We have had some bouts of jealousy with Kaiya, but overall, she is thrilled to have a sister. While we walked, she told me, "I know you're going to have another baby soon. But this time, I want it to be a boy, ok?"

Before any of you dub her a prophet, let's keep in mind that the conversation also included her saying, "Can you also have twin girls and then twin boys?" And... "Mom, can people be pregnant googleplex times? Can they be pregnant infinity times?"

My awe-inspiring response: "That would be really uncomfortable."

Sisters. Oh, that awkward baby face!

My favourite time of the day with Isabelle has become the evening. For whatever reason, Izzy seems to think this is our time to talk. She stares at me, smiles, coos, kicks her legs, and is generally over-the-top cute. Even now, three months in, I still find myself tearing up in gratitude for these little moments. She's our little angel, and I'm so very glad she chose us.

Got the crazy Einstein look going on there, baby girl

To see a comparison of Kaiya and Isabelle at three months, check out this link. Similarities, yes. But also many differences. Can't wait to see what the future holds!


Anonymous said...

Hello our big three month old baby girl, we hope you got a nice birthday cake. With love Baby and Dedo

Rose said...

Oh my gosh, they do look completely different! Izzy, you are one of a kind, baby!

James said...

I hope this isn't insulting, but her furrowed forehead makes her look like she has a unibrow (hee hee) - reminds me of the famous Mexican artist Frida Kahlo! (I'll temper the insult by saying that the beautiful and talented Salma Hayek played Frida in a 2002 film... and she proved, at least to me, that unibrows can't conceal such beauty.) Keep the unibrow, Izzy, it helped make Frida famous!

Andria said...

Hi! I have been prowling around your blog for weeks now, so I thought I should introduce myself and say thank you--thank you because you have been immensely helpful by allowing me a peek at my future home.

My name is Andria I've been hired to teach 4th/5th Math & Science at QAK. I've been scouring the web since mid-February (when I was offered the position) and you've given me more of a "view" than anyone else--Not to mention, your girls are beautiful, your photos gorgeous, and your blogs quite polished. Thanks!


mariaborito said...

that first shot is incredible. such detail and personality shining through there. what is she like? what makes her different than kaiya? you are so blessed that she sleeps (now). so blessed.
but yes, now that you post both pics (of kayia), they look very different from each other. you should post jeff and kath baby pics to compare as well!
can't wait to meet her in person in two months!