Tuesday, May 28, 2013

4-Month Musings

It's been a real mix of a day.

I've been enjoying this little one tremendously..

Wearing a 6-month-sized sleeper from Auntie Dagmar. Big baby? :)

Trying to mentally prepare myself for 17 hours of transit time with this little one

She talks so much these days. And she's so proud of herself, smiling big smiles as she blows bubbles, drool collecting on her chin and then spilling over. Always spilling over. Each diaper change is rewarded with incessant chatter and large, toothless smiles. Big sister has mastered the art of inducing smiles, and is constantly leaning in, using the squeakiest voice imaginable, "Did you poop in your diaper? Did you poop in your diaper? Oh yeeeeeesssss, you diiiiiiiiid. You pooooooooped, didn't you?"

Giggles are a finer art. We dance, we kiss, we tickle and laugh, we squeak and squeal... anything to capture the elusive giggle. It's a rare treasure. Much more common is the large, open-mouthed grin. We enjoy hundreds of those a day, never tiring.

We've been watching her grow and change. Rolling over, reaching for toys, finding endless fascination with her hands. And trying to sneak her thumb in while she's breastfeeding, sneaky little monkey. This sweet bundle is getting ready to steal the hearts of friends and family back in Canada.


But today was also a quiet day, as I remembered the awful tragedy of the Villaggio Fire. Words escape me each time I try to write about it, but my mind is full of images of that day. And tears still spill as I think of the 19 lives lost, particularly the 13 children. I cannot fathom the grief of their parents. I simply pray for peace for all of the families involved, and for resolution and justice. And for the courage and strength to keep placing one foot in front of the other with each new day.  

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Rose said...

When we see the two side-by-side, joy and tragedy, togetherness and loss, it is so hard to embrace them both. But this seems to be our challenge as human beings - to live with impossible contradictions and working to build bridges between them - not turning our backs on one or the other but finding a way to hold them both in our hearts and allowing them to speak to us. I think there is hope in this.