Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Little Drive, a Little Perspective

Saturday. It was time to get moving and get lost. It had been too long, and my gypsy gene was getting restless. Newborn babies do after all have a way of disrupting the explorer in you. Particularly babies who scream the moment they're placed in a car seat. But it was time. The news had been getting under my skin... both here and back in Canada. Particularly on my mind was a newly-widowed mother of a beautiful two-year old girl. A woman who could have been any of us. The memory of the press conferences... her voice, her face, and her words ... still linger in my mind.

It was too hot to really be outside. No matter. It was far too windy to go to the beach. We didn't care. We just got in the truck and drove. And it worked. We found our sweet spot again. All four of us together. Good tunes blaring. Kaiya writing and doodling in a book on her lap. Jeff daydreaming. Me reading a travel guide on a future destination. And Izzy - God bless her - not crying.

Sweet thing. If she has my hand to grab and hold on to, she falls asleep.

First stop was Simaisma. We'd been wanting to check out the family beach for some time. And it was confirmed... too hot and too windy for the beach. Not a soul in sight. If the tide hadn't been out five miles, we would have considered stopping. Regardless, we decided we liked Simaisma. Quaint town, nothing over-the-top about it. A nice "Olympic" park, similar to Barzan Olympic park, as well as a park with lots of green space right across the street from the family beach.

Directions? Take the Shamal to the Simaisma cut off. Drive till you hit the water.

After driving past the beach, we found this crazy-bumpy road. So we drove down it.

And we found some sweet views. The water was so very green, and the fishing boats were begging to be photographed. While Jeff and Kaiya got out to explore, I hung back with Izzy, putting together our picnic meal.

It was so windy here that at one point Jeff's shirt almost blew up and over his head!

Next stop: Fuwayrit. We knew we were pushing the Izzy-limit here, since it was another 50 minutes out. But we were enjoying the drive so much that we decided to give it a go. And Izzy - God bless her - didn't cry.

Fuwayrit is definitely bikini-beach. After all the modesty of the family beaches we've been frequenting, I was kind of shocked by all the skin. Kaiya and I scooted out for a bit to feel the water and watch the kiteboarders. The wind was so strong, the sand was literally whipping against our skin, stinging.

We continued on to the rocky hills. If you have a 4 wheel drive vehicle, you must explore this area. It's small, but it's fun, as you slowly inch your way along, carefully navigating the rocky terrain.

This is where we're going to go next time we want a beach day. At this point along the coast, there are all these semi-private pockets, where you can park and have your own spot of sand. It's a great area for camping too, as evidenced by all the campfire remains we found.

We stopped for a half hour or so. Enough for all of us to have a chance feeling the water on our toes.

Kaiya was fully enjoying the adventure.

Lots of nooks to explore

Enjoying sun, sand, surf... and WIND!

I'm much more of a homebody now than I've ever been. But ultimately, getting out and exploring is what keeps me sane. There's something soothing about us all together, hitting the road, singing along with our favourite songs, finding strength and joy again just being together.


Cheryl@OntheOldPath said...

I agree the news has been heavy, I believe that sweet mama and her baby girl will need our prayers ever so much in the months and years to come. I am glad that your family was able to hit the road. Samuel is over two and still loves to hold onto me when falling asleep. I have to ask what does Kaiya's shirt say?

Erika said...

such a great day!! love the picture of izzy! she is just adorable and i can't wait to see her and squish those chubby little cheeks.

Karen D. said...

Sounds like a great drive! I LOVE road trips! And I LOVE that picture of Izzy holding your hand! VERY sweet!

Suzanne Veenstra said...

Driving with you guys is the best! Some of my favourite times when I was visiting. So good!

gypsy said...

Ah yes. Kaiya's shirt says her name in Arabic. It was a gift from a neighbour for her birthday.

James said...

So jealous. Of your day trip, of the sights, of the spontaneity of it all... but mostly I'm jealous of your ability to feel the need, see the opportunity, and to recognize how the act of taking that drive makes you feel - lifts you up. We could all learn to be a little more in tune with the weight the world puts on our shoulders, and how best to brush it off. Great stuff, Kathy. Keep it up.

Tomoko said...

This is cool!