Thursday, June 13, 2013

First Day in Canada

So many vivid mental pictures of today. Waking up to rain, pouring rain, and such green grass. "Let's run in the meadow, mom. Let's have a picnic in the rain, mom!" Putting on jeans and sweaters and racing in the cold rain, remembering that in Canada, flip flops are not always the most appropriate choice of footwear. Kaiya running in the wind and rain, arms splayed out, whooping and hollering, "I love Canada!" Looking for bird nests, stomping on mushrooms.

When is the last time I wore a sweater?

Eating fresh blueberries and ... pickles for breakfast. Her favourite pickles. Exclaiming over big, fat bunches of asparagus and freshly fried-up bacon. Loading up the blackforest ham.

Snacking on strawberries and even more blueberries while watching the sky clear. The sky... the huge expanse of sky, with clouds of every shape, every shade of grey. Puffs and wisps and cotton balls and streaks of cloud. And then the sun, and oh the blue of the sky. Spotting a bright red cardinal so sharply contrasted against the green of the grass, the green of the large tree shading my parent's front yard.

Wind without sand.

Playing skip rope, dancing to made-up songs, and running imaginary races with invisible dragons. Listening to birds chirp, collecting pine cones, performing impromptu dramas for audiences of two.

Windows open, cool breezes flowing, babes deep asleep by eight.

27 hours of travel? So far away. And so very worth it.


Karen D. said...

I feel like this is one of the best posts ever! So light and refreshing! Full of wonder! Taking it all in! It's a wonderful perspective on the weather that I'm sure lots of others were complaining about! Thanks for sharing!

Welcome home!

Can't wait to see you soon!

Suzanne Veenstra said...

This is so great. How easily we forget how wonderful we have it. Canada is the best! Thanks for the delightful description of our mother land.