Sunday, July 28, 2013

Hooray for Half a Year!

Our travelling girl. For the first few months of her life, Isabelle would cry and scream bloody murder each time we put her in her car seat. She hated it, and it made even the shortest of trips unbearable. We simply avoided going anywhere with her as much as we could, and we waited, hoping this would pass. "Little girl, you're an Epp. You're gonna have to figure this one out," was a constant murmur in our home.

And figure it out she did. Enough to make two 7-hour flights to Canada and now a meandering road trip to Cornwall. She's downright pleasant, playing with her toys, telling us babbling stories, and then drifting off to sleep, thumb in mouth.

So we've decided she can stay.


Taking a break along our road-tripping route in Port Hope

It has been a wonderful month of gloriously long, warm Canadian days. And now, as I sit on a second-floor porch thirty minutes Northeast of Cornwall, sipping some tea and pecking out these thoughts, I'm finally really relaxing and sinking in. All I can see on either side of me is trees and fields. The sky is overcast, big, heavy clouds, and there are hens cackling nearby, and cows.... COWS.... in the field next door.


And our girl is growing, growing! No longer content to sleep through the night, she feeds every four to five hours. This should bother me, but I'm taken in by her sweet snuggles, the way she pulls my hair and smiles into my eyes. We are spoiling each other with love. It's been a month of rolling, playing, chewing.... on my shoulder, my arm, my chin. Her contentedness has been deepening, and she is happy just to know we are near. A lap to sit on, shoulder to suck on, big sister to laugh with.

Just a few more weeks and we'll be returning to our other life, the one filled with sun, heat and sand. Beige upon beige. Beach trips and ventures to dunes. But for now, all of us will keep relishing the greens and blues and the vast, quiet space. Just a little longer. And for today, we will celebrate six months of baby-bliss with her first taste of watermelon. Happy half-year, Isabelle!


Anonymous said...

Congratulation to our sweetest Isabelle for living her first Half a Year happy and giving us a lot of Joy. With love Babi and Dedo

Rose said...

Happy Half Birthday Baby Baby! We are so glad we get to enjoy you here for these few brief moments. Kathy you do have a way with words - making midnight snacks sound romantic and delightful... Can you write the story of my life some day? :)

gypsy said...

I know, I know... but I really don't mind! The trick is that she goes to sleep immediately after. Of course, chances are I WILL mind once I'm back at work!