Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Just before we head off...

Tonight at about 11:30pm, we'll be on a plane headed back to our other lives, in the desert sun of Qatar. My heart is full, but there are bags to pack and rooms to clean. So for now, a few thank yous...

Thank you to Dave for always picking us up from the airport. And thank you to Karen for sending us off again.

Thank you to Sue and Brent for letting us have your home for the summer. The location was perfect.

Thank you to Nathan and Rose for letting us use your car. And sorry about the crash. :/

Thank you to my cheerleaders, to the people who listened to my doubts and anxieties and then went on to challenge them. Thank you for the way you listened, the questions you asked, the ways you helped to shift and change my perspectives. Your words made me excited once again for the adventure.

Thank you to my parents. You encourage us to think of our futures and keep pressing on down this road even though I know you miss your granddaughters so very much.

Thank you to countless family and friends who have fed us, and more importantly, made time for us. I enjoyed listening to you so much this summer. Thank you for sharing your lives. I drank it all in. I remembered the fabric we are still a part of. I felt your joys and your pains, and I added mine. And together we remembered... we're all so very normal. And yes, the kids are gonna be okay.

This goodbye is a difficult one. But the memories have been packed away, and I know they'll see us through the tougher times. We'll see you again in ten months.


Erika said...

hugs and kisses

Rose said...

Easier not to cry when you have an over-tired three year old on the verge of tears watching you for cues, but still, waving goodbye, watching the van disappear, it was impossible to swallow the lump in my throat. We'll miss you.

Suzanne Veenstra said...

Thank you for being you. You will be very missed.

James said...

So great to give you the gift of time, and to have it given in return. I'm currently reading in my book about an alternate look at forgiveness and salvation, and it goes something like this: 1. suffering something tough is time you can never get back (i.e. we will lament and grieve so much the time that you are away, since it is time we will never get back). 2. Time spent with another person (such as suffering with, or consoling, or "sharing lives" as you put it), augments suffering with grace, and effectively is salvation. (Side note: The suffering does not get erased... that would be too easy, like erasing memories... instead, it's like being pulled out of a dark place, like being revived... etc.)

Okay... so that was pretty deep theology. But how about I put it like this: spending time with you guys was like heaven on earth for me this summer (peaking with that last romp in the grass with our daughters), and I agree: those memories will be packed away to be sought out when tough times come ahead. And next summer will provide new amazing experiences to help with the tough times ahead too.

Love you all so much.

gypsy said...

I really like the forgiveness/salvation paradigm. Good stuff.