Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Oh, Canada

Canada. You knocked it out of the park this summer. I mean, really, I'm left kind of speechless. 10 weeks of glorious freedom for me and the girls, 8 weeks for Jeff. Coming into this season, I knew it would be one like no other... longer than most summers, filled with the comings and goings of family and friends. Adding to our joy was  being able to share the gift of our Izzy, ready to steal the hearts of everyone she would meet.  And making it even better was a space of our own, right on our old street, steps away from many of our favourite places. I knew it would be a summer to remember.

And it has been. We've been blown away by goodness this summer. Last week, as I thought over what a great time it has been, I hastily scrawled this quick list, proof of how we have feasted our senses on many wonders these past weeks. And now I humbly share this list with you, dear readers, in all its unedited, stream-of-consciousness form.

Canada, What I have enjoyed:

-blue blue skies
-clouds of a gazillion varieties
-super green grass
-farmland in the Cornwall area
-rolling hills
-lakes and rivers
-colourful sunsets in vast skies
-the smiles of my daughters, especially Kaiya on new adventures
-stores filled with amazing bounty
-trees, especially with leaves rustling in breezes
-sunlight streaming into windows, onto hardwood floors
-curtains swaying in the wind
-orderly traffic

-birds chirping
-music from downtown events
-sounds of home renovations
-drunken laughter in the middle of the night
-pouring rain
-firetrucks and ambulances and cop cars
-whirring fans
-good conversations with close friends
-crackling fire

-fresh cut grass
-freshness after rain
-backyard BBQs
-smoky fires
-bacon frying
-fresh produce in the grocery store
-ripe peaches

-good coffee with endless cream
-oatmeal with blueberries
-goat cheese on crackers
-ham and other variations of pork
-other people's homemade food
-backyard BBQs
-amazing produce, esp. fruit: berries, peaches, nectarines, organic apples
-great brunch in Hamilton

-breezes and winds, free of sand and dust
-cool temperatures
-the warmth of a sweater
-dirt and earth as I pull weeds
-gravel under bare feet
-dewy grass under bare feet
-hot tub water
-hugs from friends and family
-kisses from my mom and dad

Yes, you could say it's been a good summer. Thank you.

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Erika said...

yes indeed! a wonderful summer. probably a good idea for all of us to make up a list like this. makes you appreciate the small and the big things that are so delightful in the summer!