Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Seven Months, So Many Changes

Summer vacation is now just a wonderful memory, and we are back in Qatar, readjusting to life in our desert home. This transition has been tough, with all of us dealing with colds and hacking coughs, never mind a baby with jet lag. Our first two nights, the air conditioners weren't working in the girls' rooms, and so crib was pulled into the master, while Kaiya shared our (thankfully huge) bed. Although the a/c is back on, Kaiya somehow still hasn't found her way back to her bed. We'll work on that.

We also have the major transition of momma bear heading back to work. Isabelle has been handling it wonderfully; momma bear not so much. I'm okay, but I'm realizing, and quickly, that I'm just not going to be able to be all things to all people. Though admittedly, that's what I usually strive to be. I haven't been responding to emails for a few days already, always the first sign that I'm getting overloaded. The first month back is a tricky time for teachers, and I'm looking forward to us finding the groove in our routine. Soon, I hope.

Isabelle just keeps growing and changing. Her biggest development this past month has been sitting. And she is now so content to just sit! Sit and play with whatever toys are within the reach of her grabby little hands. One of the first things we did when we came back to Qatar was buy those click-together foam mats (everyone buys them here... very hard tiled/marble floors necessitates it for babies). We now have a large, cushy play area right in our massive front hall, in the middle of everything, and it's already become a favourite hangout. Izzy sits, with pillows surrounding her, while Kaiya and I make playdough creations just out of her reach.

Izzy is also making a lot of funny new sounds. She does this "la-loo-la-loo" that makes it look like her tongue is far too big for her mouth. And just the other day, she started sucking in her breath like crazy, making us think she was choking on her food or having trouble breathing. But then she smiled. And giggled. Turns out that's just her new way of showing excitement.

Now if we can just get Izzy to realize that 9-11pm is not meant to be playtime with dad, we'll be just fine. Kind of tough explaining jet lag to a baby. Thankfully, she seems to have sorted the rest of her night out. Or perhaps I speak too soon...

Thank you, Auntie Rose, for the stacking cups. They are Izzy's favourite toy right now!


Erika said...

thanks for the update. give it time and soon it will feel like you never left:-)

Rose said...

Big sigh. Such a hard transition - so much happening at once. A sitting baby is fabulous though - what a wonderfully entertaining and simple stage!