Saturday, September 28, 2013

Eight Sweet Months

This month, we saw for sure that we have yet another fish in our family. She gets so excited even just as we approach the water, kicking her legs and squealing.

Look at that serious little face, watching momma.

Yes, sometimes it's more fun to just EAT the floaty.

And this weekend we bought baby gates. No, our girl is not yet crawling, but who needs to crawl when you can simply strong arm your way across the entire main floor? Her chubby little arms pull the rest of her body along, from living room to dining room, along the mats in the hall. She is so busy exploring, smashing things against the ground to see what sounds they'll make, checking out all the different textures of our floors... laminate, marble, and rug, and -God help us- eating anything she finds along the way.

This month she has also learned to clap. And you can be sure that anytime Isabelle is crying, a simple clapping song or chant will get her smiling again. She has also learned to say bye-bye, sticking out her arm, opening and closing her little fist. And every night, while Jeff reads bedtime stories to Kaiya, Izzy and I lie on the big master bed and roll. I lie beside her and watch as she tumbles over and over, from one side of the bed to the next, smiling and giggling all the way.

Yes, we've got a happy one.

Ohhhh darling Epp face


Anonymous said...

Congratulation Isabelle you are a blond 8 month old strong baby girl. We love you a lot, your Babi and Dedo

Karen D. said...

What a cutie!I always love seeing pictures of the family and hearing about the antics with the Epps - kids or otherwise!

Jordan gets so excited when just the background has loaded up: "baby, baby, baby". He asks to see your blog every day ("baby, baby, baby" while pointing urgently at the computer) and then I have to scroll down and show him all the baby pictures. He'll be so excited to see this one!

Happy 8 month b-day Isabelle!

Suzanne Veenstra said...

She is becoming more and more of a little person! How adorably beautiful.

Erika said...

i can't help but be sad that jeff's dear mom is missing all this epp cuteness!! i can only imagine how many memories it would have brought back for her. so sweet and beautiful!

mariaborito said...

I love the bed-time story. I love to hear how other families adjust to a new baby in their life or simply to kids! What is the daily routine for them? What parts do Mom's take and what parts do Dad's? Like, Iona, Izzy will definitely be listening to much older stories than her little brain is understanding, but that's okay! Blonde and happy! Wonderful!