Wednesday, October 30, 2013

It's just about time for some trick-or-treating!

It's just about Halloween, and we're getting ready to do our Qatar-tradition of crashing one of my college's compounds (full of Canadian families) for some good old-fashioned trick or treating.

Kaiya is waffling between wearing the same scraggly princess dress she wore last year, or dawning the "PJ Rex" pyjamas Auntie Rose bought her. You could say we're pretty low-key about costumes around here. I get that she loves dinosaurs, but I'm not sure wearing pyjamas qualifies as looking like a T-Rex.

It still cracks me up, trick-or-treating in shorts and a t-shirt. Back home, we'd often have to pile a jacket on top of our costumes. Here, I find it a treat to saunter with bare arms down dusty streets, bumping into colleagues and their children, passing by folk sitting outside, enjoying the weather and a nice cool drink. Makes the tradition even more fun, in my opinion.

In celebration of Halloween, I thought you might enjoy Kaiya's latest artistic pursuits. It seems Halloween is inspiring her, as evidenced by her new fascination with drawing witches.

(I love that her witches are mathematically-inclined)

This one comes with a story... a story that deserves interpretation. "Once there was a wicked witch with her cat. She got a plan to control the universe and earth."

I love seeing how she spells things these days. Yoonuvrs = universe. Priceless

A happy Halloween to you!


Erika said...

love the art work!! wish i could be posting one on my fridge:-) miss you all!

Anonymous said...

Well I must say I love her use of colours in the first drawing. Excellent job Kaiya, looking forward to seeing more work.
😃Auntie Dagmar