Monday, October 28, 2013

She's 9 Months Old

Ahhhh, beautiful baby girl. Delightful giggles, soaring through the sky.
Big, fat belly, waiting for our kisses.
You are so aware of everyone around you. 
Flirting, craning your neck to look for us, basking in our attention.
Sweet baby bird, opening your mouth wide for each new taste of food.
My lovely chubba-bubba, leaning in, twirling my hair in your fingers.
You continue to call us in further, bringing us deeper in love with you. 

Just last night, I shared our story anew with a good friend. Our story of longing, of waiting. Emotions that had been forgotten in the flurry of transitions of the past two months stirred once again. It was so good to remember the journey, the pain in the waiting, in the not knowing. Because now you are here. With your startling blue eyes, and your surprising blond hair, and your infectious giggle.

And we are all so very happy.

Happy nine months, baby girl.


Robyn said...

Beautiful! Love your Mamma's heart dear friend! Love it so. Thankful that your mourning turned into joy! And a beautiful little joy she is!

Suzanne Veenstra said...

So delicious. Lovely post Kathy. It warms my heart.