Sunday, November 17, 2013

Barzan Olympic Park Revisited

Look at those clouds in the sky! Seeing what a cloudy and cool-ish day yesterday was, we knew we wanted to take advantage of the outdoors, so we headed back to Barzan. The last time (and first time) we were there it was incredibly hot and humid, with barely a soul around. We wanted to see what it was like on a more average day.

Entrance fees: 10 riyal/person (unusual to pay for a park in Qatar)

We decided to check out the "bicycles." At the last second, Kaiya decided she didn't want to go on alone, so I hopped on with her. 

Bikes: 5 riyal/person

Kaiya insisted on steering. It made for a crazy ride filled with me constantly squealing: "Keep your eyes on the road!!" Aren't we not supposed to have to worry about this till she's sixteen!? Thankfully, she only ran us off the road once.

We spent some time running around the playground. That was fun, even if I felt a little self-conscious. I was definitely the only parent running.

Isabelle got to try a swing for the first time. My goodness! Could a baby be happier??! She smiled and giggled the whole time she was in the swing.

And lo and behold, there is a train that does a track around the park! Kaiya was super excited when she saw it start up, so we hopped on.

Train: 5 riyal/person

We finished the day off with the very free fountains. Kaiya got soaked once again, but we were prepared with a towel and change of clothes this time. Izzy loved getting close to the action too.

Barzan is a little strange. It has a surreal feel to it. Everything looks a little too perfect, and there are tons of security guards and cleaning staff. Every little piece of litter is quickly swept away. It was a fun day, but I think for the most part, we're going to stick to the free parks, like Dahl al Hammam, the Sheraton Park on the Corniche, and MIA park. This one felt a little too sterile for us. But give it a go, and let me know what you think.

Honestly? The best part of the day was finding a new shawarma place on the drive home, close to the AJs, where lots of our college friends live. Twenty-three riyal for dinner. Now you're talking!

Four more weeks till the holidays. Oh, yes. The countdown is definitely ON. 


Rose said...

Kaiya - LOVE the haircut!! Looks totally fabulous. These pictures are so wonderful, and so refreshing - yes we are in the GREYS here.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic photos. Children are having fun but Isabelle seems to have the best time of her life. Babi.

Anonymous said...

Is there an email your blog can be reached on?

Erika said...

so much fun! wishing for some sunshine in this part of the