Thursday, November 28, 2013

Ten Months Old!

Isabelle is ten months old today. Jeff and I are exhausted, but happier than we've been most of the month. Our horrible November is over. Work was very stressful for Jeff this November, which turned into stress for all of us. But it's done now, though I have developed the habit of asking Jeff at the end of each day, "Any bombshells today?" It's become a bit of a joke between us.

We're going to enjoy a blissfully FREE weekend this weekend, starting with me going to bed early. Like now. And no, it's not even 9pm yet. 

But first... our fair-haired darling is 10 months old today, and you deserve to see a picture or two of her sweetness. She's more and more social every day, and Jeff is convinced her first word is "daddy." She often stretches her arm out to him, babbling "dadadada." But more and more it's becoming, "dyuhdeee." Wonderful to hear.

Look at those curvy little lips!

Her favourite place to play is the play area upstairs. Tonight, she decided to go exploring...

And that's all I've got in me tonight, folks. G'night!!


Erika said...

so sweet! just want to hold and cuddle her; ok and squish her adorable big cheeks!

Rose said...

Oh, just a few more? Please? Isabelle! Already 10 months! Miss you so much.

Anonymous said...

Big cleaning, helping Mom .Babi