Saturday, December 28, 2013

11 Months Old

It's amazing to me. The time has flown. Just one more month and this little monkey will be a year old. Many times during this holiday season I've fondly remembered last year's Christmas... my massive belly, the excitement, the growing anticipation, waiting for our bundle to enter the world.

Had to snap this picture quick! 

Oh, personality. It's wonderful to watch Isabelle grow and change, and to see the similarities and differences between her and Kaiya. This girl does not like to be confined in any way! She rips hats off her head in a matter of seconds, complains when we try to put pants or sleepers on her, and don't even bother with socks or shoes. She's going to have some serious layering to get used to once we move back to Canada!

This month we have been enjoying Izzy's growing sense of humour. We used to work so hard just to get a few giggles out of her. But now, all we have to do is hide around a corner, or show her a silly face, and she's in fits. She is also endlessly exploring. Now that she has finally mastered a proper crawl, no corner of our villa is safe. Of course, her favourite things are Christmas tree ornaments, various wires and cables, and electrical outlets. Toys somehow never hold the same appeal, do they?

Izzy has also been growing so much this month. She seems so much slimmer and longer. And after many toothless months, one week ago she suddenly popped her two bottom teeth. And just like that, three more on the top are almost through.

The sister love continues to abound. Kaiya is endlessly fascinating to her little sister, and as Izzy grows, I find them playing together more and more. It's sweet to see Kaiya take on a big sister role. You can be sure that if Isabelle ever gets crying in the car, you'll hear Kaiya singing "You are my sunshine." Ad nauseum. But it works, with Isabelle often calming to the sound of her sister singing.

Next month will be bittersweet, as we celebrate both our girls' birthdays... and our chunky monkey's first, far from the family we are missing. But plans are already underway to make both of their days memorable. I know it'll be good.


Suzanne Veenstra said...

Oh our dear Isabelle. You are missed dearly and I find it hard to imagine you turning 1!! It feels like you were just born. Crazy! Miss you little pumpkin.

James said...

Great work capturing her beautiful smiles. Of course if it is as you say, it's probably not tough...

Rose said...

Miss you Izzy Busy! So glad the girls have each other now - what a gift.

Anonymous said...

Dear Isabelle, you are growing fast, looking pretty, and have to use head covering, if you want to keep your ears in Canada. Love you Babi and Dedo

Erika said...

yes, to all the above comments. i love to see how isabelle is growing and so adorable. love to see the pictures of the girls interacting. yes, only more and more fun times ahead. sister love; the best! i guess i better get the bday gifts sent asap:-) love to all of you and lots of hugs and kisses.