Friday, January 24, 2014

A Little Snippet of Life

At the end of each school day, while Izzy is still enjoying her afternoon nap, Kaiya likes to get me up to speed on the events of her day. "Good news," she'll say, and then launch into a story about getting to play football or being invited to a party. "Bad news," she'll warn, and tell me about how Gabe kicked Billy or how a classmate is moving to a different school, or another country.

But this week, she was really excited. "Mom, I have a wonderful story to tell you!" she exclaimed with a particular sparkle in her eyes. "Sydney and I were playing outside, and she told me she was gonna help me learn how to do the monkey bars!"

I knew this was going to be good. Kaiya has been wanting to do the monkey bars for some time now, but never quite seems to get the hang of it.

She continued, "So she got on and said, 'You just have to believe in yourself,' and then she went backwards so I could watch her and look into her eyes. And guess what, mom?! I got almost the whole way across!!"

Okay. So I'm excited that she learned how to do the monkey bars. But how she learned how to do them? It makes me laugh out loud and hold onto my heart all at the same time. I can imagine Sydney, a spunky, fair-haired, athletic little fireball, coaching Kaiya. "You just have to believe in yourself... okay... now look into my eyes..." Seriously??! What six-year olds do this? So sweet and funny all at the same time. 

It's amazing to me to watch the gradual transformation in Kaiya as friends become a bigger part of her life. The lessons she so stubbornly refuses to receive from us are often seamlessly passed on to her through her friends. Yet another reason I'm so thankful for the larger community that helps us to raise our daughters, loving them and speaking into their lives.

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Suzanne Veenstra said...

Some how I missed this post. What a great story! I wish I had had a spunky friend telling me to believe in myself as I struggled with the monkey bars. I never got it. Good job
Kaiya! Never forget to believe in yourself.