Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Welcoming the New Year with a Trip to MIA Park

January 1st. Twenty degrees. How do you spend it? We go to a park. Well aware of the frigid cold and grey skies we will be enduring upon our return to Canada one day, we are more than happy to run wild in a park on the 1st of January.

Have I mentioned MIA park is our favourite?

It was truly Doha's playground today. The paddle boats and kites were out in full force. Families were walking, biking, scooting together. The seating at the outdoor cafe was full, with jet skiiers doing impromptu shows for the lounging crowds taking in the views. 

And the park just keeps getting better. The playground is expanding. Bigger than before, which is a good thing, because it's always crazy busy. And the cafe is now offering "Barbecue Nights" from Thursdays to Saturdays, 3-10pm. On offer ... shish tawouk, kofta, and other delights, making it even easier for us to stay awhile longer, relaxing long after the sun has set.

Kaiya wanted to run in the grass, so we did. But she got mad when I ran ahead and "beat" her. Cranky almost-six year olds...

It was sometime during this ride with Kaiya that I thought, "Now THIS is the way to welcome 2014!!"

They even had cotton candy and popcorn at the cafe today.

Slightly over-excited shot with Izzy. :) What can I say, I like the place.

Yes, this really is in the middle of the park, by the cafe. Really, I promise, we live in a desert!
Our family, 2014.

I will never, ever tire of this view.

Truly the golden hour.

This holiday season, I've been enjoying the quiet, the peace. We've been a bit hermit-like, spending much time just together, the four of us, watching movies, playing with new toys, and eating far too much spaghetti. I am bracing myself for the return to work and early mornings. I've been thinking a lot, taking the much-needed time to let things wash over me.

I'm hoping 2014 continues to beckon me towards the kinder and gentler parts of myself. I want to listen more, pause more, embrace more. I want to see the beauty that is smack in front of my eyes every day, particularly in the forms of my three most important people. And I want to worry less and thank more. Because in the end, it always seems to work out just fine.

Much love to you and yours. I hope we can all open our eyes wide this year to see the every day blessings.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful place,I like Kaiya's hair cut, and Isabelle is so blond. Here the weather absolutely horrible, Toronto don;t have hydro, same people over ten days. Enjoy Qatar. Love Babi

mariaborito said...

Beautiful post. I can feel the warmth wash over me. The tall trees, the hills and the view. Yes, who wouldn't want to paddle boat their way into the new year! Heck ya! Love the last few lines about being gentle to yourself (Brené?) Sounds like we're on the same path!

Erika said...

such a wonderful calm and peaceful start. yes, yes, enjoy the warm weather; just way too cold over here. but i must admit the gently falling snow is beautiful! happy new year; love to you all with hugs and kisses.