Thursday, January 30, 2014

Welcoming the Weekend ... Katara

It's the end of a good week. Jeff has been home, enjoying a two-week holiday, getting caught up on work, and with him home, I've been enjoying having a little more space to breathe. And so, today was a good day to get out in the afternoon and enjoy the warming weather. This week we've noticed a definite shift in temps. The space heaters have been put away again, and the afternoon sun has been soothing and warm. I was craving a few hours out instead of being cooped up in our darkening villa.

We hadn't been to Katara for a long time, so we headed down, through all the road construction, thankfully easily finding our way. And Katara did not disappoint! It was hopping with people and action, since it happened to be the first day of the Leshtah festival. To be honest, I'm not entirely sure what the Leshtah festival is about, or what makes it different than the other festivals. When I dropped "leshtah" into Google translate, it gave me "for their health." Hm. No matter. It was a good excuse to get outside and welcome the weekend.

Kids can draw a picture and enter the colouring contest. Kaiya chose to draw a rainbow with a pot of gold at the end.

Katara has a lot of fantastic restaurants, but today we opted to just go to L'wzaar's fish and chip stand, and eat it on the steps of the amphitheater.

Kaiya ran to the guy with the falcon, but then completely shied away from touching it. She told me later she was too nervous. Still a cool experience though!

There were people working on and displaying different handicrafts. One man was weaving together these beautiful baskets.

And here, another man is constructing these miniature dhows.

And here, a man is carving intricate patterns into gypsum. Many of these handicrafts are sold at Souq Waqif. We have our own carved piece sitting on a shelf in our home.

Our weekend plans include yet another birthday party (our main form of socializing these days!) and hopefully more outdoor time. Hope everyone has a nice weekend!


Rose said...

I think Katara is my favourite place there. Just imagining the amphitheater makes me beautiful, inspiring, big, open...Thank you Doha! THIS is what you're supposed to do when you have more money than you can spend!

Erika said...

love kaiya's shy grin. so adorable!