Tuesday, January 28, 2014

You are one.

Sweet baby Izzy. It's been a day of reminiscing, of thinking back over the past year and the many ways you have come to change our lives. You fair-haired doll... you are a unique bird. I love seeing the way you surprise us every day with your one-of-a-kind personality. Today, we celebrate YOU.

You are a daredevil. From just a few months old, you have loved playing on our bed. Rolling, tumbling, bum sticking straight up in the air, falling ever closer to the dangerous edge. You like to dive headfirst, and you protest when we catch you, so we let you hang there, upside down, head dangling over the edge, your big, dazzling smile showing us your pleasure.

You have a peculiar tongue. It likes to curl up and stick out, and I can't get enough of it. When you were six months old, and you started to babble with your tongue sticking out - lah loo, lah loo - I was afraid it would be a short phase. But thankfully, I was wrong, and this ridiculous cuteness has continued, growing into full, bird-like babbling.

You love to dance. Whether it be in our arms, or sitting alone on the floor, as soon as you hear a catchy tune, you bop your head up and down, flapping your arms and kicking your legs as you enjoy the rhythms.

You are a might particular. Practically from the day you were born, you have been a bit choosy, a bit shy, about who gets to hold you. For the most part, it's me, dad, Kaiya, and nanny Marcelina. Even now, as you become an outgoing, expressive baby, you immediately turn to me, arms held up high, reaching out, if anyone else dares to try to pick you up. People have to earn their trust with you, baby Izzy, yes they do.

You are a happy, peaceful baby. We are thankful, ever thankful, for the full nights of sleep, for the long, luxurious naps. And when you wake... oh! It might be an hour before you call for us, and when you do, it's holler, holler, holler! And then a huge smile and full body laugh as we enter the room to find you standing and grabbing the sides of the crib, shaking with excitement to see us again.

You are feisty. You scream loud and clear when something is not to your liking. Whether Kaiya is bothering you or we are taking too long getting your food ready, you let us know. And you never, ever leave hairbands on longer than two seconds. Ever.

You are one. You are, most definitely, your own creature, your own beautiful, unique self. And we can't wait to watch, day after day, as your personality continues to unfold before us.

Thank you, baby Izzy, for coming, and for making our lives so very rich.


Erika said...

sweet baby izzy! how precious you are and such a wonderful gift to your family and all of us! we waited a long time for your arrival and now its like you always were. we miss you and love you so much. lots of hugs and kisses go out to you!

Suzanne Veenstra said...

Happy birthday Izzy. I so wish we knew each other better, but from our brief encounters, you re absolutely delightful and such a beautiful bundle of joy. Like your mom, I love your creative babble, I don't think I've herd anything like it. You are uniquely wonderful and I love you. Happy birthday lovely.

Lorraine Doyle said...

Beautiful pictures of everything