Thursday, March 13, 2014

Today ... and more geocaching

It's Thursday.

While Jeff took Kaiya to her Playfit class, Izzy and I blasted Ed Sheeran, spinning and whirling, turning our Thursday afternoon into an impromptu dance session.

Later, as we finished our dinner, the tapping and ringing of my wine glass prompted Jeff to pull out the singing bowl he bought me in Nepal, and as he got it whirring, Kaiya and I sang and hummed along, the air resonating with that one perfect note.

Then, thunder - glorious thunder! - cracked outside and we all rushed out to big, fat raindrops pouring out of the sky. Such a welcome release after a hot, hazy day of blowing sand and dust. There we stood in the dark, chatting with neighbours while kids crowded out of villas, running onto the street, screaming and singing and zig-zagging their way up and down, chanting, "It's raining, it's pouring, the old man is snoring..." Our neighbour from New Zealand smiled and muttered. "We all come out for the rain. What a crazy country."

And five minutes later it was done.


I have realized this year that the hardest part of this expat life -for me- is having my heart firmly stuck in two separate places. I always know what time it is, both here and there. I cheer Izzy on as she practices standing, and then wish everyone back home were here to see it. I listen to a friend from home as she shares her struggles, and wish I were there to hug her and share a cup of tea. I walk with Kaiya through both the joys and struggles of school, and long for her to be surrounded by the support of the people who have known and loved her since her birth. I learn about a new food co-op that has the potential for such positive impact on my old community, and my heart is there, alongside the amazing people putting it together, hoping for its success.

While part of me enjoys the complexity and the tension of this expat life, another part of me is ready to chuck it - and social media - out the window. I'm tired of connecting through Facebook. I want to be in your living room. Got it?

But right now, here we are. And two and a half years into this gig, we are finding our groove. Even in the midst of this transient world, we have found our community. Neighbours, from all around the world, who have become friends to us, as day after day we watch our kids play together in the street. It all may change so quickly. Someone may suddenly decide it's time to move to another post, or back home. But for now, it is our community.


And for now, while snow continues to blast our other home, we enjoy the sun and warmth that our Qatari home brings.

We went geocaching again last weekend, to two different sites. And while we only found one of the caches, we made many other sweet discoveries. Camel bones, a beach palace, and the amazing peace and quiet of a deserted beach.

She just won't keep hats on! Time for a velcro strap.

The first site, in Simaisma. We didn't find it, but we DID find...

Camel bones! For real! Jeff and Kaiya snuck home a toe-bone without telling me. :)

Look at those teeth!

Our second cache was by this crazy palace.

The tide was waaaaay out. Oh, glorious silence.

Good night, friends, both near and far. I hope you all have a good weekend.


James said...

Thanks for the connections. Interactions online or over the phone are really hard to keep up, and I applaud your efforts, and empathize with your frustrations. Could you please just be here already! Summer is close and far all at once.

Suzanne Veenstra said...

Agreed, agreed. Our hearts all wish that time could speed up and slow down all at the same time. We wish you were here and wish we were there all at the same time. So much tension and so much comfort. Love you Kathy.

Erika said...

can't wait to see you all again; tired of pictures and no physical contact:-) especially those adorable cheeks of izzy!! so great to see sun and sand instead of snow and well...more snow!!